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A shepherd persuades sheep their interests and his are the same

Ten days ago, I offered Twit, piled higher and deeper in which I took a shot or three at the Global TV news operation. My blog indicated that in the Kash Heed stories, the Sall/Urquhart email would test the core strength of Global’s ethicality. They failed, to the surprise of no one.

Even Liberal party members readily admit they benefit from Global’s friendly inclinations. That was not Urquhart’s personal policy, it is corporate policy of Global BC and its corporate sister Corus Radio. Also, it was Global Canwest Newspapers policy and remains, at least with their largest BC properties, the policy of successor Postmedia Group.

BC Liberal operator Barinder Sall’s email to Catherine Urquhart could easily have referred to Global TV News, saying instead:

“Your stories, coverage and timing give Liberals a flattering profile and built a following from day 1 and then leading into the elections.”

In the review by the unnamed senior director of editorial policy, Global faulted only the reporter’s failure to maintain plausible deniability. They were not troubled with her acting as Barinder Sall’s “communications director.” The employer was troubled that she left unchallenged evidence of the role.

“Ms. Urquhart was bound by accepted journalistic principles to negate or dispute Mr. Sall’s email comments because of the seriousness of the allegations. In failing to do so, Ms. Urquhart created the appearance of a partisan conflict of interest and thus put at risk the reputation of Global News for balanced reporting.”

Tsk. Tsk. She forgot that troublesome emails sometimes emerge. As they did in the Basi/Virk case where recovered electronic messages embarrassed many and led to the $6 million sweetheart deal with the defendants. By the way, I searched for other activities of Global’s ‘senior director of editorial policy’, hoping to attach a name to the position. All recent accounts found through Google refer to the title, not the person. Could it be that Ian Haysom, the only senior Global manager named in any Urquhart stories, is also the senior director of editorial policy?

Did mainstream media seek the source of the exculpatory statement they reported? Did they raise questions about thoroughness, or independence, or merely repeat without examination, as modern stenographic reporters do? According to Sun columnist Daphne Bramham, the media is quick to castigate one of its own when breaches become public. Sorry Daphne, I could not find any castigation of Urquhart from the media, except by wing-nut bloggers. From paid writers, I found plenty of justification and numerous references to your own sympathetic excuse making for Urquhart. And, of course the hard-hitting pundits of Friday morning radio were quick to deny any possibility of friends gaining sympathetic coverage. Sure.

I would love to complain that ethics of today’s journalism compare badly to earlier days. That is impossible to prove, broadly. However, in the case of Global BC TV News, that is true because their predecessor in the Burnaby studios was the unbeatable BCTV News. Do you suppose that Cameron Bell would employ editors or producers that allowed this on-air statement from a reporter on January 29?

“Police believe the murderer either knew Tyeshia, just met her or was a total stranger who preyed on a vulnerable girl  . . .” 

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  1. At least today's journalism is being rewarded by lower viewers and/or readership numbers.
    As far as the quote from the journo on the recent murder of a young Duncan woman, I could easily have said the same thing myself, although with more clarity. 'Police believe the murderer was someone.'

    No charge.


  2. The mainstream media is mere background noise that very few people actually listen to. The TV may be on but no one is watching.

    Global news, like CORUS radio is nothing more than an infomercial or the BC Liberals and as such, the Eye seldom listens.

    What passes for news today is nothing more than news releases, direct from party headquarters. The Goebbels gambit is at play everyday, where repeated lies, half-truths, and pure invention are repeated so often that what few people that actually watch or listen to the news, believe it to be true.

    We live in a sad wreck of a country, where the media has sold out to the highest bidder.


  3. No one is safe in their homes from the prying lens eye of the media cameras. Ms Urquhart and her cameraman shot 219 feet from a West Vancouver Low Wall to get a video recording of Kash Heed handing a disciplinary letter to one of his Officers….. from within his Office on the third floor!

    “……that's really what pissed people off. They thought that was an invasion of privacy.”

    Well Yes, Ms Urquhart, that is invasion of privacy. If an Employer can't deal with an Employee, in a place that is considered private and secure, then what is.


  4. We do have our, fascist dictator, henchmen, the media propaganda machine, our police state, er, province. We do indeed, have the face of evil in BC, we are forced to look upon. The media are a disgrace, to their professions. I had three brothers, two brothers-in-law and a sister in the armed services during WW11. The rest of the family, would all crowd around the radio, to hear the news of the war. Back then journalists had pride in their honesty. The reporters on the radio, were trusted and believed. I can't stomach the media any more, they are no longer believable. Our young Canadian boys were blown to bits, so our country wouldn't have, the ugly face of dictatorship and fascism. That they died for an evil monster like Campbell, means they died for nothing. I won't add, Harper's evil agenda of Global governance. Perhaps the 1000 year Reich?


  5. During the early 1980's, then NDP leader Dave Barrett as well as then IWA leader Jack Munroe continually lambasted BCTV's Cameron Bell in the media for BCTV's biased reporting.

    Here we are 30 years later – what's changed? Nothing.


  6. That CanwestGoebbels “Senior Director of Editorial Policy” whitewashed this doesn't surprise me one bit.The fact that the Liberals have a 30 million plus dollar Public Affairs Bureau does mystify me,however.I mean,why spend 30 plus million just to get your message out when Urqhart & Co are willing to it for far less? But I guess when it comes to hiring friends,hacks,cronies,and Liberal insiders then 30 million ain't so bad.After all it's only taxpayer money.


  7. “Sall's opinion of himself….”I’m the brown tanned James Bond strategy girl-chasing guy” “

    Then email to Urquhart: “Your stories, coverage and timing give Liberals a flattering profile and built a following from day 1 and then leading into the elections.”

    then the Conquest.
    Maybe there was shagging involved.


  8. I have actually submitted a formal complaint to the CRTC….Global TV should not be allowed to use the term “News” in the name of the program they run between approx 5:00pm and 7:00pm daily. It is in fact all just one entertainment program, acknowledged by the time slot running into ET Tonight without a break. I have the response somewhere and will try to dig it out. The mentors of several journalists must be cringing to see they have abandoned the balanced journalism they were taught……with the apparent goal of becoming ET Tonight hosts.



  9. Here's another example of empty, biased reporting of … nothing but advertising for the BC Liberal party.

    Monday, January 31, 2011 7:30 am CBC Radio newscast:

    There is so much excitement about the leadership candidates for the BC Liberals that BC Liberals expect party membership is expected to double.

    The news reader, an eager young girl, went on an on. I listened, waiting to hear who or what her source of this “news” was, but it never came.

    I guess this young girl reading the news was telling us what she was hoping would happen. Perhaps to encourage people to get on the “bandwagon”.

    Ha, ha, ha.

    CBC, especially radio, is as corrupt as any Global operative, they're just good at hiding behind their reputation as the voice of the people, which no longer mirrors reality.


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