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When a gun is not your tool

Wife Gwen, who’s practised as an RN for over 50 years, said much the same thing as the nurse in this Seattle demonstration. Perhaps it is time to disarm most of the police and assign nurses to train police in de-escalation techniques.

Hidden cost of fighting Covid-19

Numbers are imprecise but in normal times, 10 to 12 thousand patients are in BC Hospitals. Around 1,500 of those are discharged each day and replaced by new people needing treatment. If 75% of now vacant hospital beds were occupied and a pandemic surge occurred, the current number of empty beds would be restored within three days. Trends experienced elsewhere show there will not be a massive single day spike…


We already knew the oil and gas business was poisoning land and water and polluting the atmosphere. Most people, including workers in the northeast gas fields, are probably unaware that people are being exposed to radioactivity as well.

The rest of the story

Monday’s Lakeland sawmill tragedy provides evidence that British Columbia’s hospitals are routinely stressed to the breaking point and incapable of responding adequately to a major emergency. Monday’s sawmill fire resulted in 24 casualties. Six […]