Emails show Dr. Bonnie Henry knew of concerns over COVID-19 data and school exposures while publicly downplaying them — Burnaby Beacon

David Fisman is a tenured professor in the University of Toronto’s Division of Epidemiology. On Twitter a day ago, Dr. Fisman accused British Columbia health officials of employing “decision-based-evidence-making.”

On the morning of that press conference, Henry emailed Dr. Reka Gustafson (then deputy provincial health officer for BC), Dr Patricia Daly of Vancouver Coastal health, and Dr. Elizabeth Brodkin of Fraser Health, asking them to provide any data that showed transmission was low.“

Could you please give me some of the stats from your school assessments for the media brief today. We need to be able to give some data that supports what we keep saying transmission in schools is low,“ Henry wrote.

Fisman added:

What they’re screwing around with here is the health of children they’re charged with protecting. If these folks stay in their jobs, it’s an index of some very deep institutional rot.

Health Minister Adrian Dix, apparently after talking to people in a grocery store, angrily declared, “Dr. Bonnie Henry is outstanding.”

The NDP Government has spent much time and money trying to give hero status to Dr. Henry. Important people love medals. They provide assurances of infallibility and entitlement.

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