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We can help

As a journalist, Jody Paterson often wrote about Canadian children and families. Now, she and partner Paul Willcocks do humanitarian work in Honduras through Cuso International. One of their projects assists forty […]

Wingnut alert!

BC Liberals spokesment Keith “Fore!” Baldrey and Bill “That’s an old story” Good, with Mr. “I’ve Seen No Evidence” Palmer, said on Corus Radio that bloggers are anonymous “wingnuts” writing “things they don’t know.”


The BC Liberal Party claims almost 50,000 new members since its leadership race began with a total membership now approaching 90,000. Kevin Falcon’s camp accuses Christy Clark’s camp of bypassing membership sign-ups. […]

It is what it is

Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer’s Wednesday piece quoted from a leaked transcript of a September conference call involving the NDP’s provincial executive. The politicos were discussing recall strategy, among other things. No wonder […]

BC Liberal shame

There are a number of BC Liberal MLAs who should be feeling shame for their actions in the imposition of HST. They truly abdicated their duties as elected representatives. Paul Willcocks reports […]

Get over it

Paul Willcocks authors Paying Attention, an essential read in the blog world. He provides a delicious example of a newspaper employing one standard for political friends and another for opponents. National Post complained that […]