No retreat = certain defeat

Paul Willcocks at Paying Attention writes No room for retreat on HST. He applies his usual unemotional, logical mind to HST. He cuts through the misinformation, posturing and partisan rhetoric and says the average person’s response to HST comes down to this:

many of them don’t like the idea of paying more to provide tax breaks for corporations, not to improve health care or public safety.

They are angry at being ordered to pay more taxes so business can pay less, with no discussion or consultation. And they’re insulted that Campbell and company say the problem is that voters can’t grasp the obvious benefits – that they are, in short, not as smart as their masters.

Footnote: The government’s pro-HST ad campaign starts once the petition drive ends. The risk is a backlash when the public sees tax dollars spent to promote a tax change the public has rejected.”

The title of this piece represents my analysis of the results due Gordon Campbell and his Liberal associates. They’ve never belonged in what traditionally was a centrist political party anyway.

Like the radicals they are, Campbell and friends should head for the right wing fringe where they belong. Pigs fattened at the trough remain pigs no matter how they are labelled.

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  1. The Vancouver Sun reports that 48,000 civil servants make over $75,000 per year.

    Some make as much as $1 million per year.

    Gordon Campbell and his girlfriend, Lara Dauphinee, are collectively paid $330,000 per year by the taxpayers.

    The HST (Higher Salaries Tax) is necessary to pay Higher Salaries To (HST) Gordon Campbell and his Gang of plunderers


  2. Hey Norman,
    I find it amazing to see the flood of ads this weekend from our BC businesses reminding us to BUY before July 1st. Big savings this weekend on everything from TV's to Auto's. Beat the HST according to all the ads. All this from the same business community that according to our Liberal government will passing their savings to consumers. Does it get any more ridiculous. I'm afraid it will.

    Guy in Victoria


  3. It is coming to the point, where there are not enough people with jobs, to support all the corruption. Campbell and Hansen have left the people of BC, without enough money to live on. 65% of our wages, go to the government in taxes. With the HST and the budget taxes, that percentage will go higher. The underground is growing, in leaps and bounds, all over BC.


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