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"Vote for us, even if we’re crap…"

Until recently, Paul Willcocks of the blog Paying Attention was one of the truly fine journalists working at Postmedia newspapers. Unlike some electronic epistolarians, Paul offers a fair degree of respect to corporate journalists, many of whom are former colleagues. Nevertheless, his issue analysis is always fair minded and usually faultless.

He and partner Jody Paterson are on an adventure of undetermined duration, now in Honduras as CUSO International volunteers. The picture here is of a street market near Copan Ruinas where Paul and Jody spend time. I wonder if Hondurans ready their bananas for sale with gas generators pumping ethylene into air tight, temperature and humidity controlled ripening vaults, as we do in Canada.

Happily, Paul still provides commentary about British Columbia’s political landscape. Paying Attention should be on the list of sites you visit regularly.

The great problem of Clark’s missed opportunity to lead is a recent example from his work, which often humbles both professional and amateur pundits:

Leaders, in any context, need to be able to set out a vision. People in the organization – or party – won’t all agree, but they’ll know the goals and be able to articulate them. And, on some level, help to achieve them. Leaders can hang on without them, of course. They have the power to enforce discipline. But entropy sets in.

..Clark’s fallback position seems to be to campaign on the argument that people who don’t actually like the Liberals or their current direction must vote for them anyway to keep the NDP out of power.

The argument is sound. Votes for the Conservatives, in most ridings, increase the chances of an NDP victory. (Though the latest poll showing the Liberals and Conservatives tied undermines Clark’s claim to automatic support.)

But it smacks of arrogance and is incredibly uninspiring. “Vote for us – even if you think we’re doing a lousy job. You have no choice.

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  1. I think they are building more of those vaults on the farmland land taken out of the ALR for the big shopping mall at DeltaPort. Kind of an Abbott and Costello “Who's on first?” scenario if you ask me.


  2. This just in: ” Premier Christy Clark announced a second jobs and trade mission aimed at maintaining the province's strong economic momentum and strengthening relationships with Japan, Korea and the Philippines.
    “We know that expanding and strengthening trading relationships abroad means real jobs here at home.”
    So with BC the only Province to lose jobs in March and a so-called Premier who lied when she said through her jobs plan created 39 thousand jobs only to be revised to about 25 hundred is now planning another taxpayer funded junket. Her last trip cost taxpayers over 500 thousand dollars and only produced a bunch of photo-ops & MOU's (which are really meaningless). While her approval ratings continue a downward slide, between her & all those highly paid advisors, the best they can do is another tour to make people believe she is bringing home more business & jobs. You know Norm, it really makes me sick to think that there is something more at play here. First of all, I learned a long time ago that if China wants something, they will take it. The same applies to Japan, Korea & the Philippines (a very corrupt country I have visited many times). Has Christy finally realized that her days are numbered so it's time to use tax dollars to help fill her basement walls with more photographs ? Is she trying to polish her resume with key points like International meetings & contacts ? Canada has several federal bodies trying to lure international business and I'm not sure they want to listen to someone who is plastered all over the media as a failing Premier ? Norm, I truly believe that this is part of her “you owe me ” attitude and she wants to see the world on our tax dollars. She is truly one sick puppy.

    Guy in Victoria


  3. Norm,
    The current state although we have a year as I see it is dismall.I think one progressive move would be to eliminate the experts and their comments. Let real people give their vues and let the political people respond. There is where you will see truth and how far out of touch these politicianns are. Experts are always biased one way or another, real concerned people is where the truth will be found, they are not bought and sold.


  4. The news about another trade mission is completely stunning and one can only surmise that Clark is on a mission of self destruction and determined to take the liberals down with her in an act of revenge. It's conceivable that her party has decided to give up on her and this will be her last act of defiance. The MSM cannot ignore this wrong headed trade mission, no matter how biased they are, although they will no doubt put their own spin on it. It defies all logic, but in the months ahead, it will be more then interesting to find out her true motives. In terms of political perception or a demonstration of her leadership capabilities at a critical time in our province and just before an election where they are calling for prudence, surely she cannot be that stupid or clueless to forge ahead with such a plan without having a hidden agenda.


  5. Another trade mission. Does she just like to take from Harpers' playbook? Between this, Enbridge pipeline and their pretend to care about you and me, they are very nearly identical twins.


  6. I guess there's no way to refuse re-entry to Canada to unelected Preem Photo-Op – perhaps they could find that her papers aren't in order. Lisa Raitt could be a travel companion, I'm confident Lisa could pick up some tips at FoxConn, for how to deal with uppity working folk – or while in Seoul, Lisa could pop across the de-miltarized zone to see how it is REALLY done!


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