Still Looking after needy minorities – RERUN

First published May 2010.

From the reliable Justine Hunter and Ian Bailey at the Globe and Mail, read HST backlash could prove to be B.C. Liberal’s Waterloo. This excerpt:

Mr. Canseco, a vice-president with Angus Reid Public Opinion, said the only demographic where the Liberals have not seen a double-digit drop in support since the last election is among voters with yearly household incomes of $100,000 or more, who tend to shun the New Democratic Party.

Let’s consider which people continue to support Gordon Campbell’s Liberals.  Could they be the Crème de la Crème? Remember when their spokesperson, *Pamela Sauder* told city planners to keep smelly transit riders at a distance:

“We are dentists, doctors, lawyers, professionals, CEOs of companies. We are the Crème de la Crème. We live in a very expensive neighbourhood and we’re well educated and well informed. And that’s what we intend to be.”

* I don’t know the exact connection to Mlle. Crème but search the family name Sauder at Elections BC Political Contributions System and it reports donations to BC Liberals of $453,970 $729,470 since 2005, almost all of it from Sauder Industries Limited and International Forest Products Limited.

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  1. So what if forest products companies give half a million to the Liberals. It's not as if they do business with the provincial government, right?


  2. Hey Norm! Thanks for the timely info. I was in the process of hunting down new home office furniture, and Sauder was at the top of the list. Now, trash heap of history. I know, I know…one won't make a difference – but, if it were to catch on… .


  3. Leah, have a look at the connection. Those are probably different Sauders. The family helping finance the BC Liberal Party have been based in this province for decades. I remember visiting Sauder Industries in False Creek way back in the sixties. Sauder Furniture started in Ohio by Erie Sauder during depression years.


  4. I too detest poor people. They are smelly and downright disgusting. I would pay handsomely to have them rounded up and dumped in Alberta or some other jurisdiction. Many of us Creme de la Cremes would settle for sweeping el Paupers out to Surrey.

    That way outings in the City would be sooooo much more pleasant.


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