If you read anything this week, it should be Mair and Willcocks

I add to a piece from a few days ago because Rafe wrote what amounts to Part 2: “Why Rafe Mair is Cancelling his Sun, Province Subscriptions”

This part I appreciate particularly:

If I don’t want a critical look at fish farms; if I don’t want a critical look at highways tearing up farmland; if I don’t want sharp investigations into the private river power policy that has driven BC Hydro to the brink of bankruptcy; if I don’t want an evaluation of what is called “fracking”; if I don’t want a sharp-eyed evaluation of pipelines; and if I don’t want a careful and questioning evaluation of tanker traffic, then I don’t need to pay you for not getting these things when I can sit in front of my turned-off computer and not get the same non-coverage for free.

What a clear headed analysis Rafe provides. It stands in contrast to the whining of mainstream media participants who shield eyes from inevitable truths.

Paul Willcocks adds to the debate with an intelligent series that, in part, examines Postmedia’s gradual corporate suicide. His series “How I killed Newspapers” should not be missed. About the Vancouver Sun:

There is no arguing with the need to cut costs. But the departures include David Baines, the skilled, experienced reporter who exposed investment scams and regulatory incompetence, Scott Simpson, an exceptionally knowledgeable energy reporter, and Craig McInnes, whose columns were smart, fact-based and untainted by conventional wisdom or cheap contrariness.

It’s hard to ask people to pay more when you are giving them less.

Removing those writers destroyed much value in the Vancouver Sun franchise. And then, they asked us to pay more. The response of readers should be mass cancellations.

An illustration of why corporate media is in a death spiral:

ee8ef-rafe1…Modesty is not my long suit and I believe that had I stayed, the general public would have been infinitely better served on environmental issues.

A Judge once said to the great Lord Birkenhead, ‘I have read your brief but am none the wiser.’  Birkenhead replied, ‘Perhaps not, Milord, but much better informed.’

…CKNW as a station now has about a 9 share of the market (meaning, on average, 9% of the market’s radio audience is listening to the station at a given time), with Bill Good at 6 in my former slot. Over the years I was there the station was consistently in high teens and I was often over 20.

To combine a book by Mike Smyth and Vaughn Palmer on the slow but certain death of BC Hydro would be unprintable, not because of the nature of the comment, but because neither of them has written a real word on the subject…

Rafe Mair on Mainstream Media a Decade after Leaving CKNW…

The man still inspires. His body may not remain among the strongest, but his thinking is crystal clear.

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  1. Agreed Norm! One of very few people's champions left in the country, never mind the province. I wish he were 30 years younger, with free rein on radio and television. There wouldn't be a liberal found willing to open their mouths, in or out of the legislature! I strongly doubt there'd be anyone in opposition willing to say much either. 🙂
    Great to see you back!! You have been missed.


  2. Rafe Mair is a true Canadian icon. He was greatly feared by Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberal party and that is why Campbell ordered CORUS to fire him with trumped up charges.

    Mair tells it like it is, not what the advertisers want us to believe it to be.


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