What, me worry?

The Salt Spring Island Forum holds programs for people interested in learning about issues important to the world. At one of their events, we met Bill McKibben, the man Time Magazine called “the planet’s best green journalist.” (Western Canadian Andrew Nikiforuk ranks there too.)

When you think about the climate change deniers, think also of the folks who once claimed that underground sewage removal was too expensive and that the links between ill health and shit on the streets were unfounded. Hand washing by doctors who conducted autopsies, then delivered babies, was also thought to be a wasteful exercise.

By the way, subscribe to the Salt Spring Forum HERE. Attending any event also offers you opportunity to visit a wonderful place in British Columbia. Just don’t stay at the Blackberry Glen Bed & Breakfast. It might be one of the best anywhere, with 96% of Trip Advisor reviewers giving the highest score possible, but we don’t want it filled on the days we plan to go.

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  1. I remember my geology prof in '94 at UBC telling the class of the huge amounts of oil locked away in the Alberta tar sands. We asked if that was a viable source of oil. He almost fell off his chair and told us, “Oh God, no! It's waaaaaaaaaayy too expensive to get that out of the ground. It would take oil to be $100 a barrel (it was $30 at the time) and huge amounts of infrastructure and subsidies from the government to work.” How prophetic


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