Tall tales in the post-truth era

I’ve often wondered why Grouse Mountain’s single wind generator sits idle, even as the breezes blow.

Talking about the wind machine standing above North Vancouver, BC Hydro’s CEO said:

Grouse Mountain is not only starting down the road to energy self-sufficiency, but is also providing a tangible example of the kind of strong working relationships BC Hydro enjoys building with partners committed to clean and renewable energy.

The resort’s PR pieces claim the windmill could create enough power for up to 400 homes. Truth though suggests enough power for 12 homes. In fact, the project is a tourist attraction whose attractiveness is dependent in part on greenwash advertising sanctioned and amplified by the provincial government and BC Hydro.

According to Jon Petrie, the Gastown Steam Clock, an emblem of Vancouver is also less than claimed:

That little green steam engine with feverishly moving parts, apparently the source of power for lifting the ball weights, has no steam running through it—the engine is powered by a belt connected to a hidden electric motor—electric power has driven the clock’s time keeping mechanism since the mid-1980s.

The Gastown Steam Clock, by Sea Turtle

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  1. The Vancouver “Steam” clock. I remember when they took it away to “repair it” and when It was placed back in Gastown it was announced that it no longer was “powered by steam”.
    No one cared.
    Imagine trying to do that today! My god the outrage! Its a shame the average pleeb cares less about their political master than say …. what to do with the old Port Mann Bridge. ” Lets make ANOTHER park! Its just taxpayers money. Who cares?


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