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Power from the powerful

Politically connected individuals took advantage of citizens’ desire for clean, renewable energy and the Liberals wrote contracts with “lucky firms” that bore no relationship to market prices, guaranteed massive private profits and ensured all financial risks stayed with the public. The contracts in British Columbia last as long as sixty years and allow prices that are as much as 5x market value. In addition, the contracts have annual inflation escalators, a privilege allowed no other commercial segment. All taxpayers get is more power to sell at a loss.

Good news, bad news

Bill Good is in the news this week. David Ball wrote about this news reader turned political activist in the The Star Vancouver. In years past, Mr. Good was a favourite subject of this blog, even though he seemed to have little regard for bloggers…

Two minutes of Radio Rah Rah

A few people are having fun with broadcaster Bill Good in the twitterverse following his response to a suggestion – after the Vancouver Sun finally allowed publication of a comprehensive criticism of Site C – that the mainstream media was trying to catch up to reporting done long ago by independent online journalists…

Yes Bill, you are ill equipped

Answering for Liberal policy is for Liberal politicians. It is not the role of a news reporter or commentator.
Bill Good, you are supposed to give politicians a forum to discuss and explain public policy while you hold their feet to the fire, asking questions about issues they want to skate around. You should be an informed and non-partisan interrogator, a seeker of information about all sides of a story. You should not be an advocate trying to advance the causes or policies that fit your worldview or the people for whom you hold sympathy…

Fact free radio

Friday morning on BC Liberal radio, one of the trio assured us that BC Ferries has been cutting administration costs and its overheads had little or nothing to do with financial problems. […]

Hey, Bill Good

Good job. You won’t find much here that is complimentary about a broadcaster whose work I once respected. But, he deserves credit for working Canada’s Coast Guard story on the west coast, […]