BC Ferries

Fact free radio

Friday morning on BC Liberal radio, one of the trio assured us that BC Ferries has been cutting administration costs and its overheads had little or nothing to do with financial problems.

We test the accuracy of the comment using reports issued by BC Ferries.

Combined passenger and vehicle traffic in 2012 is down by 4.4% over 2010. According to BCF audited financial statements, administration costs are up by 2.1% in the same time period.

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  1. I wonder how much more “Liberal Fat” that radio station can handle. Fact-free? Oh yes, Fat-free? Did you hear that oinking as donation money changed hands in the background? I think I heard it. It's too bad there are so many sheeple voters in BC.


  2. BC people are not sheeple. The BC citizens were lied to, deceived and victims of dirty tactics and dirty politics. Courtesy of the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. Nor, do we forget Harper's part in the wreckage of BC.

    What about Harper's nine challengers of the riding disputes, going to court on Monday to have these investigations overturned? What does that tell us.

    How about Harper trying to quash the robo-call investigation? Putting one of his own in Elections Canada? What does that tell us.


  3. 70% or more of British Columbians have seen through the duplicity. 30% or so might qualify as sheeple but I suspect they simply pay no attention to reality or they're on the gravy train themselves.


  4. I just sat down with an employee at BC Ferries for lunch the other day and asked i any positions were open. I was told there is some hiring but overall, most work is contracted out so that it does not show up as additional staff. Go figure.
    The one positive note would be that this individual has met the new CEO…. unlike Master David Hahn who did not take time out for new staff…… inside the same building.

    Guy in Victoria


  5. I guess no one on Radio Free Liberal has ever mentioned the $100 million damage done to the landing docks because of the massive prop wash from the German Das Zitrones? Evidently, the new ferries have one massive propeller at each end of the Ferry, unlike two smaller ones for the rest of the fleet. The massive prop wash has scoured the pilings and huge sums of monies have been spent keeping the landing docks safe and the problem secret.


  6. But…But….but….The Fiberals are our best choice to manage our money responsibly. They truly are legends in their own minds !


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