Good news, bad news

Bill Good is in the news this week. David Ball wrote about this news reader turned political activist in the The Star Vancouver:

His appearance in automated robocalls and radio advertisements on the controversial issue, at the same time he continues his daily radio column, has raised eyebrows among media ethics commenters…

“You can’t claim the mantle of a journalist in the way Bill Good is — even as an editorialist — and then go and do this kind of activism on this kind of issue,” said Sean Holman, who teaches journalism at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

“I think that just confuses people — it creates an ambiguity in the public mind about what journalists’ responsibilities are and what we should or should not be doing.

“He can editorialize in favour of one particular position, but it’s quite something else for him to advertise in favour of a particular political position. That’s just confusing for listeners.”

In years past, Mr. Good was a favourite subject of this blog, even though he seemed to have little regard for bloggers, as evidenced by this audio clip:

bill good money

Another of my favourite clips from a small group of Liberal apologists.


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  1. I’m afraid I can’t be on topic AND civil. Bill good leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.
    I’d hoped he’d sucked up enough with his drivel that he could retire to his Sunshine Coast home and we’d never have to listen to him again.


  2. Odd thing about these comments was their indiscriminate nature. Yes, there is a lot of crap–but a lot of pretty good stuff too–like In-Sights. They should have talked about the lack of guard rails and perhaps talked about a possible solution, like a ratings system or something, based on factual accuracy and analytical content.


    • You’ve touched on one of my main complaints regarding the disdain for bloggers expressed by the three amigos in those clips and elsewhere. The lack of specificity.

      Any journalist with a modicum of wit or honesty would acknowledge that like haircuts, spaghetti sauces or journalists, bloggers stand on their own merits. To dismiss the whole blogging lot because there are some horrendous examples is not only dishonest, it is cowardly. They deign to name the names that are so troublesome to their journalistic pride, thereby wounding it even further.

      Those three amigos on one side of the table, with Norm Farrell, Laila Yuile, and Cal Roskelley on the other in a debate about BC Hydro, BC Rail, or lies my BC Liberal MLA told me would soon sort out who has done their journalistic homework. But the three amigos will never do it, even on paper on specific issues, because if they engage even briefly they will be exposed for what they are.

      Did Stephen Smart, Rebecca Scott, Sean Leslie, Pamela Martin, Steve Darling, Jas Johal et al go from unbiased journalist to sycophantic BC Liberal instantly at the flip of some magical internal switch? One would have to be unbelievably naive to believe that. Or one of the three amigos who pretend that they do.

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  3. Impress , an English standard for journalistic practises ought to be law here. It isn’t there either.

    Public domain news ought to be governed to reflect an honesty to nurture our democracy in discourse. Refection of viewpoints to be socially discussed. Not one view to bully all the others to submit.

    Deceptive propaganda now passes for the news with a dominate social agenda discouraging debate.

    Unless we do this we are not going anywhere civilized.

    We haven’t yet.

    Thanks Norm for your perseverance, and good will to all.


  4. Jr. doesn’t like bloggers because they make him look bad and they’re competition. . Without bloggers there might not be the information out there that is. In this day and age we need all the sources of information we can get because the MSM is simply, in my opinion, too compromised to report news in even a slightly unbiased manner.

    I think he keeps working because one, he wants and needs the money and two, he likes to hear himself talk and seem important if only in his own mind. Jr. doesn’t understand the people who he works for would drop him like a hot potato if necessary and they wouldn’t be there to support him. ah, well we know ……………he is a usee, not the user. Without usees, users would never survive

    Jr.’s best days were gone a long time ago and he might want to retire with some dignity. Oh, its too late for that,

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  5. When it comes to something said by one of the three amigo’s as “fact” or “ought”, I consider it to be just like a kick from any jackass.

    I consider the source.

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  6. I have news 1130 bookmarked with the moniker “not so good news” due to Bill’s constant talking points which emulate a BC Liberal campaign brochure.

    His stated positions on many topics are far from objective, offer only panacea’s on real tough topics and never suggest anything is the fault of the very suspect BC Liberals. Money laundering, BC Rail, Site C, Mt.Polley seem to be topics he has a serious aversion to.

    His wife’s recent bout of cancer has only resulted in personal tales which do not delve into the realities faced by many other cancer victims, I cannot recall him ever mentioning cancer or delving into advocacy for the many who have limited fiscal resources. Sadly I have much more experience with cancer afflicted spouses and have interacted with many of the folks who fight that disease without adequate financial resources which does further marginalize the poor & diseased among us. To offer personal tales without exploring the effects on others afflicted with similar disease may be somewhat narcissistic, and is really not surprising considering the source.


  7. Sorry, B.S. Good, was and is a Liberal apparatchik, using NW with its ongoing campaign for all things Liberal.

    The BC media Hall of Shame includes the likes of Vanilla Bill; Vague Palmer; BS Baldry; BS Bula and many, many more.

    All the news that fits, they will pontificate it as real news and the lowly underpaid blogger? Simple, most are people tired of fake news from the mainstream media..

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  8. Bill Good can only be described as an uber hypocrite. This is the guy that cut his teeth on the public tit of the CBC not because he was knowledgeable, but because of the fact that his old man was on staff as the only person in the world at that time that gave a whit about curling. He was OK with that but suddenly became a champion of so called free enterprise- when it suited him . He’s a pompous windbag.

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