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  1. Think we could line up the Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation on this? How about the Building Trades Council? Think the party of business, the BC Liberals, might want to show their business acumen by convincing Horgan to stop the Site C nonsense? Hey, maybe we cn get Jim Shepherd to join the chorus.


    • BC Liberals and the CTF disapprove of social spending that strengthens our communities. However, subsidies to large corporations and mega-projects that reward a favoured few are quite OK to them.


      • Total sarcasm. Sorry. If I were taking any of those folks seriously, I would be commenting on whatever spew rag Keith Baldrey is haunting.


  2. Imagine if the wealth being put into this economic disaster was simply put toward provincial infrastructure. I’m sure everyone has already.
    I can’t imagine that anyone would have had reason to complain.
    We could even have controled right wing corruption .
    So cliche’ but, power to the people.


  3. The Fraser Institute , Post Media Chorus radio , the Canadian Taxpayer Federation and Gasbuddy.com are all on the same side . And it’s not on the side of the BC public. I’m afraid our lot as taxpayers in Canada will be the ones left holding the proverbial bag of paying off the oil and gas barons and their ilk. If Horgan wanted to he could create 10s of thousands of jobs in clean energy instead he gives ANOTHER billion dollar tax break to the dying oil and gas industry. The NDP brand is dead as far as i’m concerned , it’s tainted and even facing arguably the worst government in BC history they can barely eke out a (victory)? . I’m in my late 40s and i have voted in every provincial and federal election since i was 18. It will be hard to convince me to vote in another election going forward. I’m tired of keeping myself informed and trying to convince mostly morons not to vote against their interests. I’m done with the NDP, i would rather vote Liberal again so they can finish the job.


  4. For a local example, “That frustrates First Nations like the T’Sou-ke, which partnered with Timberwest Forest Corp. and EDP Renewables Canada Ltd. to plan a $750-million wind energy project on southern Vancouver Island with 100 turbines.

    “The project would have provided 300 megawatts of power, or more than one-quarter of the energy produced by the Site C dam.”

    To get it to (more than) equal Site C’s output, take $750 million and multiply X4.

    $3 billion in 4 such wind projects would equal Site C — but none will go ahead because BC won’t need extra power till after 2030.

    Hydro is essentially saying, “Thanks but we want to pay at least 4x as much to make our own power.”



  5. This is becoming more and more frighting everyday. The cost of this not just dollars is mind blowing. Can we not have a public inquiry into this huge crime?Is it possible to lay criminal charges for lack of fiduciary responsibility. Is there really know hope? Do we the people have to keep taking this lack of justice that is guarded by every political party? Are these politicians instant Political criminals once in power or are they groomed to be before hand.I can think of know other words but “Political Criminals”


  6. No, you don’t want to vote Liberal. Really. It’s like using a hammer on your thumb; Surprising! Notable!, but you wouldn’t want to do it again.


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