A private room where customers deliver bags of cash

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Liberals believed Dirty Money involved “victimless crimes” so they chose to tolerate illegal behaviour that provided a boost to economic activity. From that, the Campbell/Clark Governments gained political advantage.

Families faced with unaffordable housing & others affected when thousands died from illicit drugs would describe the situation differently. Corruption is anything but victimless. There are a few winners, but many more losers.

In BC, our entire society has been abused by inept politicians who cared more about holding power than doing good for our communities.

Liberals were assisted by an industry that didn’t only turn a blind eye to money laundering and other illegal behaviors. They facilitated it.

For example, Gateway’s Starlight Casino provides a private counting room where customers deliver bags of cash.

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Peter Goudron, Executive Director of the BC Gaming Industry Association, doesn’t think his membership has responsibility to hinder money laundering. In front of TV cameras this week, he said, “We have to rely on other parties to do that work.”

Shameless actions of Liberal politicians and wealthy gaming officials reminded me of this quote credited to Mark Twain :

The moral sense enables one to perceive morality, and avoid it. The immoral sense enables one to perceive immorality and enjoy it.


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  1. …and one more time I just have to ask: How is it that Campbell/Clark and their facilitators are not in prison? Preferably in the same cell.

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  2. If China has such an advanced state of surveillance they should be very aware of where the fentanyl drugs are being manufactured. Why aren’t they stopping the export from its source.? Seems it is the only product that will avoid tariffs.

    Is it any wonder why North American political parties are just another example of organized crime …. Coleman, Pollack, Campbell, Clark. These politicians should be held accountable for the deaths and misery from the drugs, gambling, real estate. At least outlaw motorcycle gangs can be indentified by their patches and they follow a code of honour.

    The top executives of the BC Lottery Corp, BC Hydro and former BC Rail executives should be fired, demoted and shamed and have their publicly funded pensions reduced. They need further investigation. Until then, the corruption will continue.

    Remember how Martha Stewart was jailed for “insider trading”. Maybe the current BC Liberals should be building a new prison for themselves under seizure/ forfeiture as proceeds of crime. Current Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson planned to sue BC as a lobbyist of the tobacco industry.
    Does the Liberal opposition drive expensive luxury cars and have second-home real estate in Vancouver?
    The “first-passed-the-post” demonstrates how easy Christy Clark in 2011 became the worst BC Premier ever. May Martha Stewart teach her how to bake a prison cake with a triple deleted file. The NDP should all be given white canes if they turn a blind eye to the evidence of BC Liberal corruption.

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  3. All my life, I have heard the term “it makes me sick.” Until I saw those videos, that term, was the same as “hello, how are you?” Just words; empty, social words, with no depth or meaning.

    Watching those videos, and I’m sure there are others that have been deliberately withheld, my stomach actually does turn. Every time!

    It’s not that it is news to me or something I was unaware of; it is the brazenness of it. It is all performed as a small, routine, daily chore, like, um, dropping a suit at the cleaners. So blatantly wrong, every casino employee is complicit and had to know exactly what was going on. Even those not directly involved, would most certainly have heard about it.

    Yet, like everything else the Liberals tainted, people who could do or say something, did not. Like the health worker scandal and BC Rail, there undoubtedly were low level workers who just went along with no conscience or sense of good. Were the people inside those cages so afraid or were they getting a piece of the action?

    I do not know anyone who has not had their lives altered by this sordid, corrupt mess. Yes, some have benefitted, if only because their innocent real estate/development related businesses, have flourished in a trickle-down effect. Others have benefitted directly from real estate equity gains. Those people are all happy and in denial about having dirty hands. Some are very close to me.

    Conversely, I know countless people who are now struggling. Sadly, disgustingly, so many are fixed income seniors. Some of those are very close to me also.

    Mr. Eby is quick to point the finger at the Liberals and soak up Facebook hugs but he and his NDP brethren sat on their hands for all the years this was going on. There is no one individual more responsible than Mr. Coleman himself, yet the NDP sat on their hands while in a position to do something; and they did nothing. Shame on them. Shame. On. Them.

    I do believe the NDP is now so afraid, of a mountain range of court battles, lasting for decades, costing billions; if they try to hold anyone accountable, they will again, do nothing.

    To say this is not an Asian issue, is preposterous and pandering. Ok, so those involved were simply taking advantage of a system that allowed it but, taking advantage by slink and sleaze is cultural. Corruption is normal in that society. The first step in BC, began in 1986.

    Returning to my first sentence, this whole affair makes me ill; literally.

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  4. With the behaviour of our political elite, both federal and provincal, it seems they too are a criminal gang organization.


  5. I believe the politicians involved in this criminal activity did not fulfill their oath of office and should not be rewarded with a government pension. I want the current government to take the legal steps to make this happen.


  6. Bruce Allen, a Christy Clark cheerleader, to his credit nails it. We the people and the politicians, thought we were big city smart, but in the end were proven to be just small town rubes. Ripe for the picking and now we are all responsible, to one degree or another.

    What disturbs me at the moment is the same scenario, being played out in the small sleepy towns around BC. Realtors are holding town hall meetings in Victoria? Why? Is it for some serious information sessions or self-serving snake oil dispensing?

    Sidney is being transformed to the detriment of, and against the wishes of its citizens, by a council that refuses to be open about zoning and Official Community Plans because they are “not required to be.”


  7. Quote:

    “It fell to rookie Liberal MLA Jas Johal to respond for the Liberals. “The report and recommendations are clear, it confirms that money laundering in our casinos is a problem and the previous B.C. Liberal government took measures to address that and they worked,” he said. To his credit, Johal somehow kept a straight face when delivering the ridiculous statement.

    Where were Coleman and de Jong? Likely hidden far away from the media, to avoid uncomfortable questions about how they failed so spectacularly for so many years to provide even a modicum of leadership on the crisis in B.C.’s casinos.”



  8. A favourite TV show of my older grandchildren around the turn of the century was Blue’s Clues. The format basically revolved around a host narrator and the animated spotted dog Blue. The host would introduce problems for the audience to solve while Blue appeared (usually in the background) leaving clues. I recall the grandkids yelling and pointing exasperatingly to the obvious clues the host was pretending not to see or recognize. At the end of the show the host would get into his Thinking Chair and confirm solution of the puzzle by going over the clues; much to the relief of the vindicated kids in the audience.
    The BC Liberals have left a trail of clues to a corruption puzzle that exasperates most of us. The problem is that the current NDP government, in the role of the host pretending not to see, won’t get into its Thinking Chair. Or as it would be called in this case, a public inquiry.
    Regarding unexplained clues; consider paragraph 41 in this search warrant application:
    And in the absence of any answer from the police, what did Lindsay Buziak see that she shouldn’t have, and that resulted in her targeted murder? Was it related to real estate? Drugs? BC Rail? We don’t know; but there are strong connections to each that involve very slim degrees of separation from familiar names in BC politics. Some as slim as an office door. A Thinking Chair would reveal which doors opened and who walked in.


  9. while the Ndp WERE in opposition there was nothing they could do about the problem and to accuse the government of the day without proof would have led to law suites. they didn’t sit on their hands, their hands were tied.

    the B.C. Lieberals expanded gambling and in my opinion intentionally did not institute safe guards, such as requiring casinos to report undue amount of money coming into their businesses. it would have been simply yet, they didn’t do it. it wasn’t as if the government didn’t know what was going on, they chose to ignore it. It was immoral, unethical, but at the time not against the law. el gordo and Christy wanted to make sure their “friends” had a way to launder money.

    Money was laundered via our real estate and that made B.C. Lieberal supporters rich and the government gained revenue. Let us not forget, the citizens of this province continued to elect these people for 16 yrs, so one could say the citizens of this province were complicit in all of this. We knew real estate was becoming unaffordable, We all heard about the cash deals, the students living in multi million $ homes, yet we thought it was fine, we keep re electing the b.c. lieberals.

    Yes, the Communist Chinese government knows where the drug factories are in their country and they dont’ care about it one bit because the drugs are exported and they all make money out of it. If the Communist Chinese government cared at all about the drug manufacturing and all the fent. deaths here, it would end tomorrow morning. Every thing in their country is monitored and controlled. But they Christy wouldn’t even ban pill making machines in this province, so she in my opinion was complicit in the drug problem. Almost makes you wonder what she got out of it Alberta banned the sale and import of pill presses, but not B.C. What is so interesting is Wilkinson was part of that government, while it was all going on and now he wants to be premier. Remember that at the next provincial election. Wilkinson was part of a government which thought it was all O.K and if he is ever elected, it will all come back. You can drive through Kerrisdale and south Granville and see their attacks on Eby. They want their money laundering, crime, drugs, etd. back and :Eby is standing in their way. You will note they aren’t attacking other NDP politicians like they’re attacking Eby.


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