Yes Bill, you are ill equipped

Nothing has changed since this article was first published May 15, 2012

Biill Good & Premier’s Director of Outreach

It was an interview so tortured that I suspect Bill Good’s briefing notes had fallen irretrievably from the desk just as his guest was introduced. This morning, the Corus Radio star failed to shine light on the glacial pace of re-implementing PST as decreed by referendum voters in July 2011.

First, there were confused attempts to find an appropriate metaphor. We’re going from a WWII bomber to a 21st century jet with a pre-television, island tax in a world where we’re all interconnected…

Bill demonstrated the trouble he has with this issue,

“For months, I’ve been getting questions about why is it taking so long, how is it so complicated. And, frankly, I’ve felt ill equipped to answer.”

Well, Bill Good, you are not supposed to answer. Answering for Liberal policy is for Liberal politicians. It is not the role of a news reporter or commentator.

You are supposed to give politicians a forum to discuss and explain public policy while you hold their feet to the fire, asking questions about issues they want to skate around. You should be an informed and non-partisan interrogator, a seeker of information about all sides of a story. You should not be an advocate trying to advance the causes or policies that fit your world view or the people for whom you hold sympathy.

If you don’t understand that, your program is like a WWII bomber that is sure to crash, perhaps on an island in an interconnected world.

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  1. Sadly bill Boring is losing it. He has last his ability to be independent and with that, he has failed to be a journalist and has reverted to a milk-warm Rush Limbaugh on a bad day.

    It is so obvious (no) Good supports the BC Liberals, one wonders why the CRTC doesn't come knocking at CORUS's door, claiming that 'NW is nothing more than a continual infomercial for Premier photo-op and the BC Liberals.

    Sadly, the good old days of 'NW and Good and Mair are long gone and Bill boring and 'NW have been riding on Mair's coattails for too long.

    This is the end – Adios…..



  2. ” You should be an informed and non-partisan interrogator, a seeker of information about all sides of a story.” I'm sure this is just wishful thinking on your part Norm.


  3. An appreciated comment from an internet writer perhaps most responsible for the corrupt BC Liberal government being headed for well deserved oblivion.

    And Alex, I feel for your sorrow at the passing of your good friend and regular contributor Tom Gallimberti. British Columbia shares the loss when a principled seeker of justice is silenced.

    To readers here who have not already read Alex's tribute, do it now Not Alone at Midnight: Tom Galimberti (1951-2012)


  4. Good has not been good for a very long time. He became a cheer leader for the lieberals & their friends.

    The station, as a member of the newsmedia, should understand their obligation to the public & democracy. Not only should there be seperation of state & church but media & politicians.

    It would be interesting to have a forumn on the issue of the relationship between the media & politicians in Canada. at times, when listening to the news on CTV regarding national issues, you would think a Conservative spokesperson was speaking. Then you look at the t.v., its their newscaster or reporter.

    People can not make informed decisions when the media is so obviously slanted. Perhaps the CRTC needs to actually look into some of this.


  5. My, my, how quick we are to focus our spite on Bill Good, a mouthpiece for a puppet named CKNW 980AM radio, the training ground for Christy Clark back in 2007. This “media outlet” is taking far too much attention away from the broader culture of lies and nepotism to keep lips zipped and opinions bought. Norm's photo insert shows Pamela Martin whose loyalty was bought to keep a “party” on Maui with Gordon Campbell quiet.

    I'd like to see a flow chart of just how many media outlets have “respected” the government's media embargoes in exchange for something. Collusion runs deep in B.C.


  6. As the following Norther Insight article notes, “The best disinfectant is sunlight, as the saying goes, and social media is the best sunlight we have.”

    We who contribute here and at other online sites that discuss BC's political affairs are applying disinfectant. Look at the polls and you'll see this works. Both BC Liberals and federal Cons are trending steadily downward.

    Social media was probably the single most important part of ending Alberta's Wildrose effort to reinvent 19th century politics.


  7. What an enjoyable article!
    Two quick thrusts from the rapier of truth and you have left Bill Good pant less and exposed for the pompous buffoon that he is.


  8. He's been a fart catcher for years….and it's not over yet.

    If he loses his radio gig I'm sure he'll just show up somewhere else, like the senate.


  9. “You are supposed to give politicians a forum to discuss and explain public policy while you hold their feet to the fire, asking questions about issues they want to skate around.”

    Remember Bill, like you did before Gordo was elected in 2001.


  10. great one norm.

    as soon as mr good gets any competition in that time slot he will retire.

    lots of rumours about a format change or new station that will give nw a run.


  11. I also listened to Goods interview with the invited tax expert and was struck by the complete nonsense, bewildering, and forced attempts at excuses and analysis of the time frame for transitioning back to the GST/PST. Recently, Clark used the term “gobbly gook” to refer to the pronouncements by the NDP. Ironically, this is exactly what came to mind while I was listening to Good and his guest.


  12. Yes Norm , the “WWII Bomber vs 21st Century Jet” analogy was pathetic. Made no sense what so ever.

    The HST was a way to streamline the antiquated taxation system in this province. I got it. As did most people.

    What I was livid about was the blatant arrogance of the Campbell govt to assume that we voters were too stupid to see a “tax grab” slid in under the radar. PST exempt item were now to be taxed under the new HST.
    Total BS. !
    … and apparently I wasnt the only voter in this province that felt that way.

    People ! Govts dont change tax systems for YOUR benefit ! Thaey change the tax system to raise more money to pay for 600 Million dollar roofs! IDIOTS and their( OUR) money are soon parted.

    I gues thats why when the PST will reinstated on April Fools Day 2013( great timing , That!) the PST will be taxing items that were previously exempt under the “old “PST?

    Lying political minions and Bill Good let her off the hook again as usual…………


  13. And may I say, as one visitor recently put it, 'What the hell is THAT?” He was referring to the $600m roof. I didn't have the heart to go there. I look out my window several times each day and think how sad . . . and misguided . . . and corrupt. THIS is progress in BC???


  14. Bill your done…hit the golf course and start that pension checque, rolling in.

    Leave politics for the politicians and their bunch of political spin doctors..(read paid Liars),
    the party and leader you “prop up”, are done as well. They have been seen as the “kleptocrats” and self serving “clown”s that they really are. This nonsense has to be stopped in BC, as the taxpayers have seen any real governmnent asset, watered down or sold off, to pay for 11 years of Liberal/socred stupidity. Its all about wealth…the taxpayers or special intrests or the business coalition in this province.


  15. Thank Allah the stooge packed in that boot licking series “The Executives”. The Brits have the perfect term for the troika's “cutting the cheese” segment: ARSLIKHAN! Put a fork in ' em, they're done like dinner.


  16. “…the PST will be taxing items that were previously exempt under the “old “PST?”

    But I did call and ask about these: haircuts, golf greens fees, restaurant meals.
    They will not attract PST as of April 1st, 2013, so back to normal for those.
    Perhaps some others, I don't know.

    During last year's vote on the HST, it was an agonizing decision for me.
    Being a small business owner, I knew the HST would be better for my business, and simplify accounting.
    But I was sooooooo damn mad about the items that now would attract an additional 7%, I had to vote to rescind the HST.

    Norm…no other place to tell you this: have a great (and well deserved) vacation!
    Come back soon; we need you.
    At least until April *grin*


  17. In fact, until the province publishes the final regulations, we cannot know what items will be taxed and what items will be exempt. I'll say this: their fiscal plans don't call for a substantial reduction in sales tax revenue so it seems to me quite obvious that they will be expanding the tax base. Additionally, as captives of large business interests, they are unlikely to go back to collecting PST in the old way.

    The enabling legislation provides for nearly all details to be determined by regulation so junior Finance Ministry employees have no ability to give accurate information about what the tax system will be.


  18. “…so junior Finance Ministry employees have no ability to give accurate information.”
    And that's not the only department.
    Reminds me of 2009 when I applied for the B.C. Green Energy incentive/rebate on my purchase of a 10kW wind turbine for my property. After hearing nothing for months as to the status of my application, I was jockeyed around from person to person on the phone, after re-reading every word on BC's gigantic Live Smart/Green Energy website. After an hour–and the fifth person to whom I had explained the issue–turns out I was eligible for, are you sitting down?: ZILCH. NADA. ZERO.

    Nowhere on their website did it state there was a maximum size for the program. Ten kW turbines were not eligible! Seems the BC gov't forgot to tell their employees and their website content designer that. Size constraints weren't anywhere on BC's website. Not surprisingly, my MLA didn't have a clue either.

    Same thing with the Federal EcoEnergy Retrofit incentive…in that case, the Feds made it available only for the REALLY BIG boys…my project was too SMALL to qualify.

    A year later I got a call from a member of the CANWEA (wind association) steering committee asking if I wanted to be a member–to the tune of $300 a year. I resisted the urge to tell him to piss off, but did explain I wouldn't be joining because their steering committee was the one that “left out 10kW turbines” when they helped BC gov't establish the eligibility rules.

    So, BC gov't and CANWEA, you can both piss off.


  19. Sadly Bill Boring is like a lumbering “Fairey Battle”, competing with today's “Tornado” or alike.

    Dated and stilted, Bill Boring continues on, with his puppet strings stretching right back to Liberal headquarters. A poor-man's Rush Limbaugh, Bill is only given air-time because he fits the role of a shill.

    Adiós Bill, it's time to leave Dodge.


  20. Norm, I agree that we will hve to wait for the final PST regulations to be published.

    But, some of the ministry comments to date have been rather cryptic: There have been references to time-limited PST tax exemptions. I may not have the right terminology but many June 30, 2010 PST exemptions were subject to expiry dates such as energy-efficient appliances.

    Also, temporary PST exemptions for insulating materials, personal safety equipment and other goods or services may have been in effect. As I exposed Home Depot for improperly charging PST on many items,I will be out there soon after April 1.

    Bottom line: By the time, PST is restored on April 1, 2013, all temporary PST exemptions will have expired. I have wondered if that contributed to the seemingly long time required to reinstate PST. Besides, it allows time for busineses to raise their prices before or coincident with April 1, 2013 to offset some consumer savings.


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