“CRAP!” from the blogosphere

Contrary to the claims of retired newsguy Bill Good, blogs are not invariable distributors of CRAP! Instead, the good ones are sources of information and commentary that Bill Good and others in commercial news operations dare not discuss.

Creekside, by Alison, is one of the very good blogs; the sort that should embarrass the recipient of a bogus distinguished service award from his boss, who then makes that “award” the subject of countless promotional spots hoping to check his station’s failing ratings.

Creekside impressed me with recent coverage of the Royal Bank’s perfidious behaviour:

…iGATE receiving RBC’s Outsourcing Excellence Award back in 2008 when RBC only had 500 iGATE employees working for them.

A few months later, RBC itself received a $25 billion dollar government bailout, or ‘backstop’ as we prefer to call taxpayer bailouts of corps in Canada, amounting to 63% of the bank’s total value. RBC CEO Gordon Nixon took home $10M+ in salary and compensation that same year.

At the time, RBC VP and head of Application Services Marjorie Mong explained:
“The key message to [RBC IT staff] was that offshoring was not about job cuts. It was about augmenting our workforce in a flexible way.”

Well, Bill Good, is it crap when bloggers suggest that loyal Canadians ought to get themselves down to the Royal Bank and remove whatever small part of the ‘backstop’ individuals can control?

I think not.

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  1. The Royal Bank CEO did not apologize until he was forced to by the media firestorm and the resulting public closing accounts. I hope to see more closing of accounts at all the big 5. Their behaviour is disgusting and only benefits the shareholders of which most of us are not.
    As soon as I have time, I will be saying Hi to VanCity and moving all my deposits to them. Any future borrowing needs will also not be from any main bank. Damn it, I'm tired of being exploited by the rich, they can all go fuck themselves.


  2. Norm, you say Bill Good is retired. Did I miss something?

    Also, I could not stand to watch the 30 minute paid political message tonight. Did you watch? Any thoughts?


  3. Is Bill Good retired? Better you ask him. I'm only going by what I hear.

    No, I didn't watch the 30 minute political message on Global TV. Gas and electric service was off at our house this afternoon so wires and gas pipes could be moved to facilitate the never-ending addition. It was a reminder of how much we've become dependent on the supply of energy products that fuel our lives. I've got a stove capable of more than 200,000 BTUs of heat but it doesn't run at all when the gas valve is closed.


  4. About the only real news I get is from B.C. blogs, about things happening in B.C. I don't watch the news on T.V. They report on car accidents, gang activities, sports, etc. They do not report on what is really going on in the province. For international news I read newspapers in other countries.
    For federal news, I check blogs and may watch a very little bit of news on C.B.C. but I certainly don't watch CTV with Craig Oliver. That is one man who needs to go. He and Bill Good must hve gone to the same school.

    Yes blogggers have a slant also but they are more accurate in their reporting than the MSM.
    If I want to know about crime, I can check the RCMP website.

    If I relied on the MSM for news I would think there were no problems in B.C., children were all feed and clothed, hospitals were well run with no problems, every body had jobs, the provincial government had lots of money in the bank, etc. Instead we have had the highest rate of child poverty for 8 consecutive yrs, and last yr were second in child poverty. People don't have adequate jobs because the lines at the food banks keep growing. We have the highest provincial deficient in history. The lieberals have run up more debt than all other provincial governments before them.

    No I like the information I get from the blogs. I may not agree with some of their opinions but I do get way more accurate information than from the MSM. Some of these bloggers actually go to sources such as impartial statistical collectors. Long may the bloggers rule.


  5. Norm, this quote from your Creekside reference: “leadership to BC’s $5.8-billion portfolio of outsourcing contracts”.

    Can this be true? How is this number arrived at? Are they private industry jobs? Government? Both?

    If in fact our government is providing “leadership” to outsourcers, it has some pretty bad optics vis-a-vis our soon-to-be-former premier's “Jobs Plan”.

    Interesting aside — I consider myself to be reasonably well informed, but after two? years and many millions of dollars spent on advertising, I still do not know anything about the “Jobs Plan”. All the ads tell us is that there is one, but don't get into the messy details of what it actually is or does.


  6. Then there is. Gordon Campbell and the BC liberals, stupid smart meters. BC families have to choose between rent or their, $750 and up outrageous hydro bills. We all remember the Senior on TV? Her hydro went up, over $1000. What BC hydro is ripping off BC people is, more than a mortgage payment. These attacks of, outrageous BC hydro bills, seem to be at random. A family of four on Social Assistance, could not pay their rent. They were told to find, a smaller place to live. There isn't a smaller place to be had.. At the end of this month, this family will live on the streets. Remember the lie. The stupid smart meters, were to save BC citizens mega bucks. Just like the BC HST. We are still waiting for the mega bucks, we were to save, by that too. Nor do I forget Harper's part, in the destruction of BC either.

    Canada has become, rotten to the core with corruption. BC is the most, corrupt Province in Canada.

    Seems there is very little, good honest Journalism nor reporting anymore. The media have lost, the faith of BC people and, most of the Canadian citizens too. We every day people, rely on the bloggers for truth.


  7. Persey : I can't answer your questions but as CORE has now blocked access to the page about its upcoming outsourcing conference, here is the full quote about BC's $5.8-billion in outsourcing which I got from their bio of one of the participants :

    “C.J. Ritchie is the Assistant Deputy Minister of the Strategic Partnerships Office (SPO), which provides leadership to BC’s $5.8-billion portfolio of strategic outsourcing contracts. Under CJ’s leadership, SPO is catalyzing the development of best practices for end-to-end management of the transaction lifecycle. Prior to leading the creation of SPO, CJ was instrumental in a number of transformative government initiatives including the Future of Work Initiative, and the Integrated Case Management Project. In addition to her public sector experience CJ brings extensive knowledge from the private sector as the Stakeholder Relations Lead for BearingPoint LP on the Revenue Management Project—one of the largest application outsourcing projects. A proven leader with over 17 years’ experience, CJ holds a Masters degree in Conflict Analysis and Management from Royal Roads University, two Bachelor degrees from the University of Victoria in Social Work and Psychology and has taken Advanced Negotiation courses with the Harvard School of Business.”

    The figure of “over 5.2-billion” is used in her Linked In profile but without any direct mention of outsourcing.

    So perhaps that CORE page has gone indoors or perhaps they are making corrections but if anyone can gain access to CORE's conference website, please let me know.

    Thanks for your kind words, Norm. I believe you were the first to call for a boycott. Kudos.


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