16 yr-old talked to NEB, before new regulations

I first published a link to this video February 2 and it has been viewed by thousands of Northern Insight readers. Additionally, most major Canadian news operations paid close attention to a young man who speaks for future generations. However, enabled by the Conservative government’s Omnibus Budget Implementation Act, the review panel would have prevented Mr. Harrison from speaking without first gaining approval after completion of a 10-page application.

Since the NEB is staffed entirely by energy industry representatives, approval of this presentation would have been unlikely.

Sam Harrison testified before the NEB Northern Gateway hearing but under new federal rules, he would likely have been excluded from the process. That would have been unfortunate.

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  1. This is a child that a parent would be so proud of. It's too bad that the greedy ones don't see it. Bravo young lad, Bravo!!!!!


  2. This is very poignant after listening to the Liberal leadership debate/forum this afternoon. Not one of them had the courage of this young fellow. Not one. And, sadly, that holds true not just for the Conservatives but for the New Democrats also.

    Norm, I'm becoming more convinced by the day that British Columbians are going to have to stand defiant against the rest of Canada, particularly those of us of the coast. It's as fundamental as being told you have to move to the back of the bus.

    Funny thing is, amigo, I find myself surrounded by fellow, lifelong law-abiding greyhairs who, for the future of our grandkids and theirs, are very much willing to draw a line in the sand on this one.


  3. I woudn't want to see this great young mind become wasted as a politition. He's to good for that.
    He is an inspiration and one they fear as he has wisdom and strength and is an excellent communicator.
    This will be the issue that divides our country and change it forever or it will unite us as people to stand for our future and that of our children.
    I KNOW where I will stand as do many others but only time can tell the outcome.


  4. Harper is despicable in gutting environmental protection laws and even putting roadblocks in the way of those who criticize his policies as this young man does. It is important that the environmental review panel hear his voice, and that of others, without having to fill out a ten page application proving some kind of expertise on the pipeline. Harper said that he wanted to hear only from experts and the stakeholders in the project. Well, this young man certainly has a stake in his own future, as do we all.
    My worst fears have come to pass. When Harper was first elected I predicted that the damage he would wreak on this country would be colossal, and to my great disappointment I was right. I can't wait for this youth's generation to become of voting age.


  5. I hope they will be as observant and intelligent. The words of this young guy appeal to me because my six grandchildren are six years old and under. They cannot talk about the future. This guy certainly can.


  6. As another individual over 60, I am also in for supporting this young man. That was an amazing speech by an articulate individual, regardless of his age.

    I am not clear why he would be excluded under the “new rules”. Would it be because of his age specifically, or because the public will in future be excluded generally? What I am asking is whether the NEB could cite his age as the sole crierion for not being allowed to speak, and get away with that kind of nosense.

    BTW, great coverage of an important topic which straddles the contentious boundary between environmental issues and free speech issues.


  7. NEB now restricts who can be heard to those who use the Application to Participate form. The Board may or may not grant people the right to become an intervenor or submit a letter of comment. To participate, a person must be directly affected or have expertise the NEB wants to hear.


  8. Wow what a spokesperson. Hopefully the review will be terminated or have no relevance after May 14. I hope the NDP put enough roadblocks in the permits process so the pipeline will become redundant and the Chinese can take their ball and go home along with other foreign investors.


  9. So what I think I am hearing in your reply is that the “public interest standing” status recognized by our Canadian courts (according to the principles of common law justice, and possibly therefore additionally according to our Canadian constitution) is not recognized by the new NEB rules. Is that correct?


  10. I should add that there are specific criteria already established in case law for being recognized as having “public interest standing” in the courts. That is exactly the point, in fact. The criteria are firmly established, and they are entirely clear, but they DO enable representation of a broad-based public interest in the outcome. It isn't all that easy to acquire, but you absolutely do NOT have to have any “direct” (i.e. personal) interest in the outcome of the decision to be made by the court, nor to have “experise” in the area under adjudication.


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