REPLAY: "It’s a tough spot but Premier Clark is thriving, I mean, she seems to really. ."

With Premier Photo Op and the Liberals stumbling through the worst month ever, I couldn’t not bring this old favourite back again. First published April 3, 2011 and worth another read. Be sure you listen to the audio clip at the end.

CKNW’s Bill Good and producer Jessica Hyatt want you critics of Christy Clark and BC Liberals to be quiet. You are all greedy beggars, demanding services from government while you are unwilling to pay for them. You just go on and on and on and on, don’t you. Please, stop complaining so the Liberals can continue rewarding the people who really deserve rewards.

Remember, HST and increased carbon taxes and medical fees help fund corporate tax cuts. Giving away massive quantities of fresh water for nothing to gas companies in northeast BC helps keep that industry strong. We’re not short of clean fresh water, are we?  As least, not yet.

Royalty reductions and building roads for the oil and gas people are worthwhile too. If they had to pay their own costs, they might leave our oil and gas in the ground and then it could never be used, ever. This important industry supplies many jobs to companies in Northern Alberta. We need to treat our neighbors well; someday we may have to borrow money from them.

And please, stop talking about Independent Power Producers. People should appreciate all the new roads they build in the BC wilderness, a few of them are even open to the public, sometimes. Through dams, diversions, tunnels and penstocks, this good clean industry keeps small lakes drained and prevents rivers from being clogged with fish. Fewer wild salmon means a better market for farmed.

On top of those benefits, IPPs provide employment opportunities and benefits to many journalists. Without the companies stepping up with speakers’ fees and other extras, reporters would have to live on their own paltry salaries.

Luckily we’ve got Christy and she’s thriving! Listen to this two minutes of Rah-Rah Radio from April 1, a good day for it.

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  1. Bill good is nothing more then a has been, a shill for crusty and her clowns. It is time to rebuild our province, and they can watch it from behind bars. We have had 10 years of lies and payoffs. Good has led the carpetbaggers, and should also be put in jail for consistantly lying to the public. The sad affair about our railroad, killing off kids and seniors, the rape of our rivers, the gutting of our forests, I could go on… Time for crusty to go, time for the lieberals to go. A continual boycott of nw and their sponsors will sue do some damages.

    Kam Lee


  2. She is real Linguine Liberal, who loves to wear Prada – well the devil does too.

    Hyatt, is a just a Cluck-Cluck-Crusty Clark supporter, who has a cush job at “NW, doing not much and why should she, 'NW management does not want intelligence, no not ever. Intelligent people know when to keep their mouths shut and ask pointed questions.

    A fence post with hair could do the same job.


  3. I've read your article twice now & have listened to the radio clip… and after thinking about it for a while, the only comment I can think of with respect to Jessica Hyatt is why ? Why is this inexperienced little twitter fan being allowed to express her very limited knowledge on public radio ? Is it simply because she agrees with anything the biased Bill Good will say. She truly can't think for herself. Her babbling reminds me of a bunch of teeny boppers at a Justin Bieber concert. What ever happened to hiring well seasoned unbiased journalists.

    Guy in Victoria


  4. Hey Norm,
    That is so upsetting. The way that Bill Good threw in “Did you mention child care” like that is some sort of joke. Now that some months have passed we find it really is a joke to these people.
    Truth be known we shouldn't have to ask for anything as we pay very high taxes to insure these silly things like child care are a given.
    The question perhaps better asked would be,”Do you think we could have what we pay taxes for and a bit less on throwing our hard earned money on your schemes and freinds?”
    I don't know how I would react meeting Bill Good in person and something tells me I'm better off not knowing.


  5. That young lady must be busy under someone's desk, so she can keep her job. She is a halfwit, like her boss B Good. I feel dirty just listening to them speak. Lieberal lovers, on the take. NW like them are deeply involved with the cover-ups on the overspending of this foolish government. Crusty and her fellow criminals need to be tarred and feathered, in jail.

    Kam Lee


  6. Yes Blathering Bill should retire to the sunshine coast. Maybe bannish him there. He 's forgotten how to be a pillar of society instead he has just become a pill.


  7. Six month later my comments are still accurate. I guess Bill doesn't like BC's background noise and like a true puppet dances to the tune of the puppet master.

    Bill Good – CKNW, sorry, I don't listen anymore and I think dead air would be more entertaining.


  8. Unbelievable. Creepy. Insulting.

    You have to wonder, do they really believe this stuff or are they just cynically reading from a list of talking points in order to obtain a paycheck?

    Like Anon.12:20, I also gave up listening/reading/ watching this sort of media source. Mostly because the weight of this kind of dreary stupidity seems too much to bear. Listening to it is a degrading experience and it doesn't speak well of the current state of affairs in our country or this province.


  9. looks like they are becoming back ground noise,slowly but surely,the gig is up pill and carly?,why even mention that immature brat another product of nepotism,don't even listen to that goof any more and your post reminded me why,I'm surprised that f… is still on the air,their new spiel is we don't know what were protesting at the occupy world wide movement he's so stupid he can't understand we see right through them wake up bill the pill your buddies gig is up we caught on,are you that dense pill?


  10. Norm
    just wondering, if you know (also asking at Ross' blog) where are the results for the Christy Clark/David Eby 2011 by-election?

    I can't find them on the Elections BC site, . . . . weren't they supposed to posted in September?


  11. Hi Norm,

    Have you seen the story in Numavut on the CBC today? A cabinet minister losing his portfolio for conflict of interest. Our whole province seems riddled with this for a decade now and NOTHING happens. If we had 1% as much integrity and accountability!


  12. Taxes are levied for a civil society for the benefit of all citizens. When the 'elite' control the tax purse 'things' very' quickly become uncivil. Note the 'looting' of the Provincial treasure and assets by the LINO party politicos, relatives and 'friends,'



  13. Hi Norm,

    almost a year on and NW has taken a dive to third in the ratings, and probably will be staying there. So the radical no-nothing rumour mongering blogosphere in the case of NW was right after all. If the numbers behind that fall from grace were public, what else would the bloggers be right about.


  14. Thanks North Van Grumps.
    According to the Elections BC results, Christy Clark won that by-election by 564 votes and in many individual polling stations she lost by a large margin!
    She won with 48.73% of the 39% of eligible voters who voted – 7,757 members of the voting public put her where she is and 8161 wanted someone else.
    I love numbers — they can be very revealing!


  15. If you want more numbers to play with, try understanding how Christy Clark's mandate to tell all when it comes to her, and her Ministers Travel Expenses, have conveniently managed to NOT include her Mission to China and India.

    I've post the info over at my Blog, the BBC:

    It appears that Minister Steve Thomson was the ONLY one that did have his Open Information reported correctly AND he is also the only one who was left off of the tally list of expenses on the “Premier's Mission Report” card.

    “Out of Country Travel
    Covers all expenses, including flights, accommodation, meals, taxi and other transportation (bus), vehicle rental if required and miscellaneous expenses.”

    Christy Clark's Travel Expenses were well over $500,000 for a fifteen day trip. Her expenses!


  16. Agree with Evil Eye's comments. Although not only would “dead air be more entertaining” …… it would also be more informative than what we currently get on NW.


  17. Hi Norm,
    I think many people falsely assume that journalism is a university educated profession in which there are checks and balances in place to protect the public. While I am not a fan of bureaucracy and I see the 'big business' mindset of many post-secondary establishments, I think there is a need for individual certification, continuous upgrading through courses in ethics, and newsroom accreditation processes so that the 'news' is not just advertising to unsuspecting and trusting citizens who are either distracted and not very critical consumers of information. This is especially true as neoliberal agendas erode public education and keep people busy just trying to survive.


  18. I do remember, because the BC citizens were totally against Gordon Campbell…Christy called us the Taliban. Would you just look at, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, calling the kettle black.

    Christy has said, she will need to import foreign workers, to fill all of the jobs in BC. There are indeed foreign workers coming to BC…and, they are mostly Chinese. Campbell of course, shipped BC mills to China, along with our raw logs. China also owns BC mines. China is bringing their own people, to work those mines. Campbell thieved and sold BC's assets. Christy and Boessenkool are selling off, the rest of the buildings and Real Estate, owned by the province and the people. So, with no assets and resources left. The province may be ok, as they certainly did spend a huge lot of our tax dollars on themselves.

    Wine for Chomp, chomp Chong, on top of her food bill. Many other purches of wines. I see there was tax money even spent on nail salons. It's a sight to behold, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, thefts of our tax dollars.

    Harper is also permitting China, to buy up the tar sands. They are bringing their own people to work, their vast tar sands projects. Seems China owns a good number of company's in Canada. Many Canadian industry's went to China, only too happy to exploit the cheap labor, and the even more cheap child laborer's, who only earn pennies a day. Seems these company's, are having difficulty with Chinese corruption. Serves them right, for their greed and a slap in the face of Canadians, who lost their jobs because of our traitor company's.

    The Chinese, will not pay Canadians wages. The will not pay WBC for injured workers. They will not comply with, Canadian laws nor Canadian work regulations. China only has to pay their people crap wages.

    Remember what Fadden of CSIS warned??? China was making great inroads into Canada?? BC and Ontario were specifically mentioned??? Seems our worst nightmares are coming true.


  19. Just went to NW's web site and the headlines were 2 for Christy ,1 for Ida ,1 for Shirley and 1 for John Horgan. So 5 for the lieberals 1 for the NDP. No wonder they are known as Christy's cheer leaders.


  20. After one year (well almost) my comments still hold water. The only change in the game is that the mighty 'NW has taken a great fall in ratings and if the current regime at the (not so) Top Dog doesn't change, I;m afraid 'NW will sink further in the ratings game.

    I think that CORUS has forgotten the golden rule of business,the customer comes first. but then who is the real customers of 'NW, the listening public or the BC Liberals?


  21. I would agree. Psychobabble just about sums it up. Creepy, mindless spin. The nonsense in this province has to stop.
    I would have hoped that by now, a number of the liberal MLA's, would have crossed the floor, or at the least, sat as independents.

    Propping up this current “joke” of a “regime”, is a total exercise in the ultimate “game” in this province, called stupidity. (otherwise known as politics).

    The word “democracy” should not be used in the same sentence, with the phrase BC Liberals. Not to mention, accountability, integrity, justice….etc.

    Seems as if the important things in our society, the Justice system, Education, the Environment, Health care, our political institutions are being eroded, by this a neoliberal “dictatorship”. Designed to maintain the wealth of an elite, the middle class is systematically being destroyed and the poor and less fortunate, left at the bottom. The loss of a credible justice system, education only for the wealthy, control of land and resources by a few, sounds like a “regime” mentality to me.

    A recipe for disaster, and ultimately misfortune for all. Wake up folks, it is happening as we speak.


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