BC Liberals


  • The BC Liberal Party claims almost 50,000 new members since its leadership race began with a total membership now approaching 90,000.
  • Kevin Falcon’s camp accuses Christy Clark’s camp of bypassing membership sign-ups. Falcon is also concerned Clark could have used Visa gift cards — without personal identification on them — to pay for online memberships from people who signed the photocopied forms.
  • A third-party group backing Kevin Falcon’s Liberal leadership bid is exempt from the party’s leadership campaign rules, including fundraising caps.
  • Joey Restaurants managers took part in a unique employee reward program last week – sell at least 25 provincial Liberal memberships in support of Kevin Falcon’s leadership bid and win an iPad.
  • Kevin Falcon’s campaign team admitted Tuesday that a busload of  Kamloops Blazers athletic supporters had been enrolled as Liberal party members without their knowledge. They also signed up 24 people, all living at the same address in Kelowna and another 40 people with the same phone number.
  • Liberal leadership candidate Mike de Jong says he has signed up 10,000 new members. Party insiders say most of de Jong’s support is South Asian and that Clark . . . has also signed up close to 10,000 South Asians. Kevin Falcon is expected to sign up 5,000 to 8,000 South Asians.

Paul Willcocks calls it a leader selection system that looks out of “some barely there democracy.” Yet this is the country with an electoral system envied elsewhere. Canadian officials teach election methodology to emerging democracies throughout the world. Voting fraud of all types, once common in Canada, is virtually non-existent in federal and provincial elections. Even municipal elections are regarded as fair and free of chicanery. Who can say that for the process selecting our next Premier?

Yet, that person and the Leader of the Official Opposition gain positions in a process over which the public has no oversight, no surety against outright fraud by people with near endless treasures to gain. That is not good enough.

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  1. Part of a comment by Tangerine Bolen, posted on MichaelMoore.com OpenMike. Although it is written about the US of A and Juilian Assange, it is so apropos for this time in BC History. http://www.michaelmoore.com/words/mike-friends-blog/truth-be-told

    “What I didn’t have was the whole truth; in fact, the whole truth is what I was being systematically denied. I made a snap judgment on a man and an organization based on what I was being fed. I fell for a trap that many of us are in – that of forming opinions, and making decisions, based on limited (and sometimes wildly) inaccurate information. We have ample evidence at this stage that this kind of decision-making, based on high emotion and manipulated or inaccurate information can be far more dangerous, and far more damaging to national security, than anything WikiLeaks has done.This is not only a trap; it is a threat to our own democracy and, given our recent foreign policy decisions, to others as well.”


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