CBC dominates the Websters

I bet Jack Webster’s spirit twitches when the $175 a plate bun toss named for him recurs and this town’s higher purpose people gather to honour worthy journalists, not all of whom are worthy enough to be employed full time in the corporate media.

Webster met Prime Ministers, Premiers and community leaders but he also had time to chat with plain folks, including unknown young people encountered in the lobby of the Georgia. That was where I first met the man, when he was near the height of his powers and had studios in the downtown hotel.

I’m convinced Webster would be disgusted by what passes for political journalism in BC today, particularly at the radio and TV locations where he last presided. Webster believed that journalists should stand up for the powerless, not the powerful. He thought they should ask tough questions and he had particular disdain for puffball interviews and evasive guests. Had one political group offered him a list of talking points or approved questions, he’d have screwed it up and thrown it back. Promptly. Webster once spent ten minutes trying to provide an elderly and confused caller with an address on Barber Greene Road in Don Mills Ontario but he wouldn’t have tolerated for a moment silly and self-interested guests like those regularly featured by Bill Good.

In the 2014 edition of the Webster Awards, the CBC is responsible for 40% of the stories chosen as finalists. No wonder private broadcasters and Harper Conservatives want the Mother Corp defanged and schooled in obedience.

Demonstrating how far the once mighty have fallen, CKNW and Global TV each had zero stories selected. Not surprising since the highly profitable Shaw organization terminates experienced and competent reporters so they can be replaced by inexpensive interns and newbies.

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  1. I have never forgotten the media when, we were fighting Campbell's HST scam. The media were so grossly biased, it turned my stomach. I had cancelled both of my newspapers. The BC media were a disgrace to their professions and some still are.

    Seems there is no such thing as, good honest journalism and reporting any more. That is why we rely on people such as you Norm. We know we get the unvarnished truth.


  2. Didnt Bill Good get nominated for a Webster? The “award” has sunken so low 'journalistic intergrity” Im surprised his estate hasnt sued to have his name stricken from the entire process.


  3. zero 'news stories' awards from either GLOBAL or CKNW….. IS THE REAL STORY, people think that the MSM is not doing its job,,,, BUT ACTUALLY IT IS …….. noam Chomsky told us about this decades ago


  4. I am currently reading a book titled “Necessary Illusions” by Noam Chomsky. It was published in1989. Its subtitle is “Thought Control in Democratic Societies.” Here is a paragraph from page 10.
    “Case by case, we find that conformity is the easy way, and the path to privilege and prestige; dissidence carries personal costs that may be severe, even in a society that lacks such means of control as death squads, psychiatric prisons, or extermination camps. The very structure of the media is designed to induce conformity to established doctrine. In a 3 minute stretch between commercials, or in 700 words, it is impossible to present unfamiliar thoughts or surprising conclusions with the argument and evidence required to afford them some credibility. Regurgitation of welcome pieties faces no such problem.”


  5. While CBC TV might be largely irrelevant now — due to the huge choice of stations on TV now — nobody does radio like the CBC.

    I have a LOT of time for CBC radio.


  6. TOTAL AGREEMENT about CBC Radio. I love it on a long drive or in cottage country or on a Saturday morning while drinking my coffee


  7. Reading on twitter today, I read tweets from Baldrey, Smith and Mason and I think Smythe too. Everyone of them saying the government wouldn't agree to binding arbitration because they did that with the doctors and look what financial ruin that caused. Collusion or what? Then as soon as the village idiot Factbender came on, guess what he casually mentioned to all and sundry? I can see it if just one of those “fakers” posted such tweets but all of them. I feel sometimes with the media that I am in the Twilight Zone. The novel 1984 sure strikes home to me now.


  8. The score of Webster finalists seems to be CBC 14, Vancouver Sun 3, Vancouver Province 3, Globe and Mail 2.

    Everyone else one or zero.


  9. Has anyone researched just what the Composition and Class sizes are in the Private School System? How many
    special needs students and students with learning disabilities attend Private Schools?



  10. Rather few in the high profile places like the one favoured by Christy Clark. I know of one grade two class in east Vancouver that had not one child with English as the family's first language. Not only does that affect the teacher's opportunities for instruction, it means that communication with parents – and their assistance and participation – is problematic. So much time gets spent with the most needy children, that the kids most ready to learn are denied attention from the teacher.


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