Global TV

Global TV’s strange news priorities

It was a busy news day Sunday so British Columbia’s self described source for news, weather, traffic, events and features did not have time to report on the rising tide criticizing Gordon Campbell’s Ordure of British Columbia award.

The 11pm Global TV News had nothing about the expressions of citizens’ anger but it did have news of:

  • a brush fire and a pair of grass fires near Kelowna;
  • a fire in the Embroid Me store on Vancouver’s Oak Street;
  • a Friday Abbotsford house fire;
  • a U.S. Gulf coast storm and a typhoon in Japan;
  • memory of an earthquake a year ago and a penguin returned to the wild, both in New Zealand;

As the day drew to an end, 1,324 people had given thumbs up at the Facebook site Gordon Campbell does not Deserve the Order of BC award. (The number is over 2,000 at 3 pm on the site’s second day.)

Categories: Global TV, Journalism

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