Don’t judge the world while standing on your head

The Order of BC awards were announced after noon on Friday preceding summer’s last long weekend, best day of all for taking out political trash. Apparently, Christy Clark’s Government was shy about turning too strong a spotlight on the ignominious Gordon Campbell, his enchanted sidekick and one or two other rapscallions.

“VICTORIA – Fourteen British Columbians who have contributed to the province in extraordinary ways will be awarded the Order of British Columbia, Lieutenant-Governor Steven Point, Chancellor of the Order, announced today.”

On reflection, I’ve decided if that was the qualification, these controversial awards are fitting. Gordon Campbell indeed has contributed to the province in extraordinary ways. Damn good thing too because if his ways had been common, citizens of BC would be poor beggars.

Dobell too has had an extraordinary career. He took double, triple and quadruple dipping in the public purse to new heights. No one before him dared scale those heights.

Despite widespread belief in the opposite, Kevin Kreuger, MLA for Kamloops South Thompson, thinks Campbell is worthy of the province’s highest reward. Krueger says Campbell’s legacy will be long lasting. Perhaps, the Kamloops gasbag was thinking of those lavish 40-year contracts the Premier forced BC Hydro to sign. An unquestioned master in hyperbole, Krueger puffed on,

“Campbell was elected to lead BC from being the worst performing economy in Canada to being the best and Campbell will be remembered as one of BC’s greatest premiers.”

Kevin, don’t judge the world while standing on your head.

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  1. Order of BC, nope, doesn't exist anymore. There is a medal now called the order of BC, but this it is now a reward for the most morally corrupt politicians and their cronies in BC. A Banana Republic thing.


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