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Following Liberal defeat in the Nanaimo byelection, Global TV reporter Sarah MacDonald talked to Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson for the 11pm newscast. She asked what is probably the worst question in the history of BC political reporting.

This was it:

Now we are seeing, I mean when was the last time you’ve seen hype like this for a byelection, this one is obviously unique, but we have seen, I mean, Harris has been able to rally the troops, so to speak, in NDP territory more so than, arguably, any candidate since 2001, since the last time you took the seat here. Now does this signal a changing of the guard from the party? Are you seeing, maybe voters signal to you, you know, we want, you know, a younger demographic coming into the Liberal Party, we want more women, we want more younger candidates, more people of colour. Are you getting that message from voters?

This joyful celebration of a loss came despite star Liberal candidate Tony Harris drawing fewer votes than gained by Liberal Paris Gaudette in May 2017. Wilkinson claimed Liberal gains were “unprecedented”, perhaps forgetting that Mike Hunter previously won the seat for Liberals with a vote share that was 4.3% higher than Harris got in 2019.

One couldn’t help noticing that Premier John Horgan got fewer than 40 seconds to talk on screen about the by-election result and broad provincial issues. Andrew Wilkinson enjoyed more than three minutes of screen time, using it primarily to take shots at his political opponents.

Global’s predecessor, locally owned BCTV, used to be a highly professional news operation, staffed with many qualified journalists.

Oh, how they’ve fallen.

Global’s approach reminded me of this cartoon aimed at Fox News. In BC, we know the political party substitutions that apply:

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  1. Queef Baldry, once it crystallized the b.c. lib had lost handily, only had one message he hammered home as an adopted talking point. That is, the Greens lost mightily and they did so by being too closely aligned with their bigger brothers. The real message nudge nudge was if “we” can’t beat them by votes, maybe we can help destabilize the coalition by calling the Greens wimps and foment some dissent that way. Look for Baldry to mostly talk about the Greens poor showing in the am news as he tries to shame them into putting any/some kind of distance in the coalition. Harris ran more like a local popular independent lad than a b.c. liberal whose logo was barely visible on his posters. I heard that Harris’ father is like a local hero so Harris jr. Didn’t so much siphon votes away from the Greens as much as he garnered votes for being a well liked local kid. Wilkinson bragged that former Green votes came “home” to the b.c. liberals to give them their perceived boost but Greens are almost universally progressive and I can’t see them ever voting regressive b.c. liberal(the fine folks who took bus passes away from the disabled!). It was delightful watching the desperation spins of the vested interests…. or it would have been if they were not who they are supposed to be, the advocate presstitutes.

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  2. The animosity against the Liberals must run deep, and I think people decided not to split the vote.
    It says everything about voting strategically, and isn’t a slackening of Green support.
    Its about our survival.
    So what can the Government do about a public broadcaster losing an interest in journalism, and instead focusing on its own political choice at the publics expense?
    In England the papers, and media viewpoint is owned by 4 billionaires.
    What a mess they’ve created with Brexit. They conduct a brutal bullying, slander and call it news.
    Is that where we are going?
    So how can a difference of opinion exist in this light when all the media is owned by the same atitude when a democracy needs a respect for a diverse opinion to stay healthy?
    I thought monoplyies were seen to be counterproductive to a country’s prosperity.
    Did Ottawa change its mind?
    Did PostMedia really receive a $100 million grant from Ottawa as it headed towards bankrupcy so it can now afford journalism? Is anyone awake back there.

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  3. It seems the manipulative news of Mainstream Media was trying to influence the vote the other day when they claimed their research saw “a substantial lead for the Liberals.”

    The NDP should publically thank the Liberals for allowing unethical MLA’s like Rich Coleman, Mary Polak and Andrew Wilkinson for helping the NDP win the by-election.
    There is also the ghost of Christy Clark that needs special mention.

    It will be fun watching the federal election and all of the fairy tales.. Trudeau is already wagging his finger at foreign interference, while bailing out the federally supported newspapers. Domestic interence and fakes news will be permitted.

    I wonder if the BC Liberals will have to hire Russian, Chinese or Trump’s Fox network media to produce positive reports explaining the virtues of Andrew Wilkinson and his gang.

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  4. Off and on this week on CKNW I heard Mike Smyth and Keith Baldry babble on about the Liberal’s will win in Nanaimo. Maybe it’s about time for Global/Chorus should change it’s name to Faux News.

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    • haven’t heard a thing. Checked with the Nanaimo bulletin to see if they’re going to cover it, can’t lack of staff, but would try if Coleman testifies. Made a point of providing information regarding the case on 4 other blogs. We really do need an investigations in to CORRUPTION, because what started in 2008 with the lumber industry and the “give aways” of Crown Land, has something there.

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  5. Thank you. I’m glad I’m not the Only one who saw the Breathlessness of that interview. Wondered if she had a ‘crush’ on him. 😉 Wondered what to read into his wringing hands. Body language speaks to me 😎


  6. I first heard this from Jesse Jackson on Saturday Night Live, but I’ve “borrowed” it frequently.
    In most of the media, if any NDP leader (provincially or federally)could walk on water, the headline/lead story would be “X Cannot Swim!”
    I know that bashing the CBC has become popular of late, but compared to Pot Media, Bell & Corus, they provide a (relatively) more balanced approach. Not that I don’t find myself yelling at the TV/radio at times!

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  7. The broadcasters operate under a public licence for a reason. Anyone know what it is? I can’t find it any longer.
    When you see the fake news you listed above one realizes that publishing news for the public is a social responsibility, and not to serve private interests as a propaganda outlet for selfish reasons.
    I think we have to create new laws so fake facts are seen as an offence against having a democratic debate that people need to make an informed decision on issues.
    Anyone ought to be able to collect fake facts from a broadcaster, and take it into a hearing where fines can be levied, or in persistant cases their public licence to broadcast be revoked.
    The Open Media group is doing wonderful things to ensure our liberty to pursue the true story without being dominated by the Megacorps serving their own interest.
    Its crowfunded by us.
    Our parliament is listening to these sensible people because they are smart.
    Check Open Media out for interest’s sake.


  8. Mike Smyth on CKNW this morning allowed Andrew Wilkinson to state that the NDP is causing financial difficulty for people by raising ICBC rates. And Mike Smyth forgot to remind the genius that it was his party that bankrupted ICBC then withheld that info until 1 week after the election. I guess the parrot can say fast ferries for a decade plus but he has short term memory when it comes to a real scandal. And CKNW would have us believe that people don’t care about our tax dollars are being stolen , it’s having to fill out a little paper work or make a phone call so that people that are sitting on multiple empty homes or air b@b have to pay taxes on those wealth generating schemes. The best part about watching massive amounts of American conservative news is when you can see all the anchors and talking heads faithfully repeating their political masters talking points verbatim. Does Andrew Wilkinson have a guest slot on CKNW he seems to be there every day ? Maybe he likes to keep a close eyes on his employees.


  9. Tom Fletcher writes:
    “Harris was criticized during the intense by-election campaign for downplaying his party affiliation (gee, wonder why?). He stuck mostly to community issues, while the NDP ran a negative campaign, accusing Wilkinson and the B.C. Liberals of being complicit in the legislature spending scandal and the rise of money laundering in Vancouver and Richmond.”
    Good grief.


    • Maybe Wilkinson want’s Christy’s old slot on CKNW. I would lay part of the blame on CKNW heads for allowing her in that position, because it was becoming a bit obvious to me that the radio waves was her secret launch pad into higher politics. And look what British Columbian’s got after she moved in the premiers seat with her corrupt pack of slime balls. Just look where we are now. How could the CKNW management not see it. Well, because i think they did see it. This is what happens to a country a province or what have you, when political moles and influencer’s are allowed to have the airwaves. History shows us that bad things happen to a country and it’s people, or province in this case when the radio is given over to the wrong hands or loses it’s moral ground in neutrality and objectiveness. Especially in a democracy. Things can go to crap pretty fast. Shame, shame, shame on them for allowing Clark to have that place to raise her popularity prepare her wickedness for the people of BC. We now see the results. And now they are amalgamated in with Global. God knows what the future holds.


  10. Hate to quote Trump, but fake news. Why on earth did so many of us work hard to pay taxes and support community? Now we are faced with paying exorbitant fees to financial institutions to manage anything we have saved. Politicians that are corrupt, but will also collect a pension. It all seems a waste. Arlene


  11. So happy to have read the post. It wasn’t just me! OMG, I watched them over at the NDP headquarters and then the B.C. Lieberal h.q. It was as if they’d won and then the reporter gave Wilkinson enough time to make a campaign speech and lay out his platform for the upcoming election. If she’d have given him any more time, I thought the other political parties would demand an equal amount of time, free.

    Her question, really, this is a reporter. Her breathlessness about meeting the great Wilkinson, I thought she’d faint.

    Today they gave Green Weaver enough time to say, if not for him and his party, the NDP would have run amouk running the province.
    and the news at 6 had the talking mannequin reporting the NDP had more or less barely eked out a win.

    The chatter from Greens and B.C. Lieberals about the negative campaign the NDP ran, WTF? Its a campaign and you don’t go around saying nice things about the people you’re running against. The NDP was clear, if the B.C. Lieberals won the seat things could go side ways in the Leg, again. People In Nanaimo didn’t want another election, we’re getting some attention from Victoria so we’re getting a new health clinic, housing, etc. things are better for a lot of people here. Why would they throw away their vote and perhaps loose all of it. Some times people vote strategically and that is what many in Nanaimo most likely did, when it comes to the Greens.

    The media and Wilkinson waxed on about Harris and all the good things he could do. Lets get real. All Harris did was have a very smart father. That smart father was a good businessman and well liked in the community. When his father died, Harris inherited it, he didn’t built it.

    “We’ve had enough corruption in this province. Its necessary to keep the NDP in office until the investigations have been completed. This evening’s news was really clear about that with Sam Cooper’s reporting.

    o.k. I feel better now.

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  12. Rob Shaw has written a very slanted article regarding the recall campaign of Daryl Plecas. In fact, it is so slanted the reader has to be careful not to fall over.
    The Abbotsford region will never get the 40% signatures needed.

    The BC Liberals are using the Trump technique of deflecting the news away from the sins, lies, corruption of their party.
    Their current leader Andrew Wilkinson (a lawyer) tried to sue the BC Government/Taxpayer (2013?) on behalf of his American client suggesting “ that smoking doesn’t causes cancer.” Remember, he is also a Doctor. Shameful use of his degrees.

    Then, we now learn that Rich Coleman (ex RCMP) is claiming “privilege” not having to go before the courts to explain his involvement with Timberwest. He claims that he can not attend court as he has more important things to do at the legislature.

    Andrew Wilkinson was Attorney General at one point with Christy Clark. Shouldn’t he have known the day to day misdealings at the legislature. Especially, the two liquor cabinets in the Speaker’s office. As a lawyer, who is tending the bar?
    He uses the term “that was before my time”.

    Strange that Christy Clark’s name has not been mentioned. She used to fly back and forth daily to her home in Vancouver when the legislature was sitting. More expensive than any nightly hotel rate. I wonder if she claimed the daily stipend and taxi allowance. She also gave $150,000 to a First Nation school in Heida Quay for a new gym. Thing is, the school is a federal concern, not provincial. She flew up and returned by air. Coincidently, her brother was also running in some local election nearby. Not sure how that turned out. There was also some First Nations in the North East that we’re involved in windmill farms but were shut down when Site C was permitted.

    The Sargeant of Arms is also an ex RCMP and Installed security cameras at every door. Everything is recorded. Big brother was watching and now has learned to speak … hence, Speaker of the House Daryl Plecas is singing for his supper.

    Lots of dirty laundry to come … hopefully they will check the pockets of all involved … but it is the receipts that will hang you.
    The wood splitter can also be used as a guillotine.

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  13. Watch for Black Press/Tom Fletcher’s piece on Plecas and the “Splittergate” scandal (my tag, if no one else has claimed it yet.)

    You’ll be amazed, I suspect.

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  14. Art mentions Christy’s Haida escapade. I believe the treatment of that debacle by the usual pro media suspects vs good citizen bloggers illustrates what Norm is getting at here. Christy flew up there to announce provincial funding for a study into construction of a school under federal jurisdiction at a time when that would enhance the prospects of a mayoral candidate in an ongoing election. That candidate just happened to support an application for a wind-farm project fronted by Christy’s brother. Many questions about it are yet unanswered.

    Mainly because pro media turned the focus onto John Horgan.

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  15. And people think the sewage running from Victoria into the Ocean is bad, its drinking water compared to the sludge created by LIBS !! I ponder why Jon and Simi have time off while the trash talkers are left to pile it higher. Honesty I imagine is not justified in the bi-election.


  16. Discussion today was about poor driving habits in the lower mainland, specifically going through stop signs and red lights. I did point out to the media about Christy Clark’s driving through a red light with her son and a reporter in the car. Not a mention on the air waves. Arlene


    • that was actually covered at the time by the MSM, they most likely aren’t interested in going into history. The Premier did not set a good e.g. at the time, but she certainly isn’t the reason for the bad driving in B.C. these days. Part of the problem may well be simply a lack of sleep and the impact that has on people. CBC did a very good piece on teenagers and lack of sleep. People just aren’t getting enough sleep. The roads were built back in the day. Some of them were actually built when Norm and I were young. The population in B.C. has increased immensely since then, but the same old roads are carrying way more vehicles they were meant to.

      We need stricter laws and bigger ramifications, although it is doubtful any one stops to think about the ramifications when the do stupid stuff when driving. Perhaps what we need to do is send people with 3 or more tickets to driving school or driving classes. Yes, the provincial government had them back in the 1970s. If you reached 9 demerits you received a nice letter which basically came down to, you go to these classes once a week for a month or we take your driver’s license. Seemed like a reasonable deal. Now we might want to include re testing people if they have accidents or 9 demerits.


  17. Well.
    Its seems no one here is surprised at the biased Main Stream Media.
    I cancelled me cable tv several years ago and bought a high tech antennae.
    At least i dont have to pay an obscene amount of money every month to watch commercials frequently interrupted by propaganda……
    I would highly recommend everyone do the same.
    Global would last about a year if their audience dropped to zero.
    One wonders how long it would take for Baldry, Smyth, et al to run to the Libs and apply for a job…..speaking of which (witch?)….Where’s former media.hack and Christy Spokesperson Pamela Martin hanging her hat these days?


    • Probably in the Bahamas living off her ill gotten game! Didja read about the SNC galoot making $5million/year got 200 hrs house arrest and a $20,000 fine? Yes! There is justice(?) for all.


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