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Who is this guy, really?

In the book Criminal Profiling, Richard N. Kocsis described malignant narcissism as: “an extreme form of antisocial personality disorder that is manifest in a person who is pathologically grandiose, lacking in conscience […]

Une artiste qui dérange

Harper government targeted artist for her green conscience, internal documents reveal, Vancouver Observer, June 12, 2012 “Franke James, a Canadian artist and environmental advocate blacklisted by the Harper government, has obtained internal […]

Hypocrisy revealed

Federal Conservatives complain that environmental charities use money from outside Canada to campaign for effective regulation of energy industries. Contradicting the rhetoric, CRA records show that environmental groups are not the leading […]

Growing discomfort

This week, we learned that Stephen Harper, in Nixonian tradition, is using federal tax authorities to harass political opponents. From The Globe and Mail: Tides Canada is having its charitable status audited […]


Liberal MP Carolyn Bennett, speaking in the House of Commons: “(Aglukkaq) has cut programs for diabetes, youth suicide, Aboriginal health human resources. Can the minister explain to this house why her cuts […]

Harper’s anti-science shame

Don’t miss Andrew Nikiforuk’s latest contribution at The Tyee: Understanding Harper’s Evangelical Mission “…While government and industry PR folk spin fabrications about Canada’s environmental record, Scott Vaughan, Federal Environment Commissioner in the […]

A work by Vancouver-based writer and political cartoonist Geoff Olson. His work has appeared in The Vancouver Sun, The Globe and Mail, Adbusters, The National Post, This Magazine, The Vancouver Courier, Common […]