Conservatives (CPC)

Message to the Conservative Party of Canada

“Environmentalists and ordinary Canadians being branded as extremists is an insult to those of us who fought for our country against real extremists… The Canada I fought for is an open and tolerant society. The Canada I fought for is proud of its natural heritage…”

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  1. I first saw this video a few days ago on Ross K's Gazzeteer and was deeply moved by it.His courage knows no bounds!
    Sadly tonight on the CTV newscast it was stated that enbridge is asking the NEB to investigate where the funding for environmental opposition is coming from as it is their belief it is from south of our border in the U.S.
    Anger overtook me as it is not the mandate nor the jurisdiction of this panel to do enbridges bidding. This panel sits payed for by taxpaying dollars to ensure this project is safe and appropriate satisfies the criteria required to consider it's proceeding! When did become a tool for enbridge to use to challenge the opposition and make demmands to that end.
    Perhaps we should ask this whole process cease until an explanation be given.


  2. Congratulations to Trevor for his bravery in coming back from the near-fatal injury.

    I hope his video will have a strong impact on the hardened hearts that support the Enbridge pipeline.


  3. I'm a Canadian who cares about our country, our land, our future Mr. Harper and Co., Ms. Clarke and Co. and any other political party who does not see what is going on here. I am not an extremist, nor a terrorist so quit calling us such derogatory names. I am Canadian who cares!


  4. Six members of my family, served in WW11. Our young Canadian boys were shot and blown into fragments, so we wouldn't have such as Harper governing our country. We were very proud of our Canadian boys.

    Trevor is exactly why, we are so proud of our Canadian military members of today.

    Thanks a lot Trevor for continuing your battle, to save this beautiful province of BC, from Harper's greed.


  5. My grandfather served in WW1 and my uncle, father, and great aunt served in WW2. My grandfather was wounded, and my uncle was killed in the course of serving their country. I am proud or the men and women who serve. I am not and extremist or a terrorist and I am profoundly grateful to Trevor, who continues to serve our country in the best Canadian tradition by making this honest and brave video. Though “thank you” hardly covers it, thank you, Trevor.


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