Growing discomfort

This week, we learned that Stephen Harper, in Nixonian tradition, is using federal tax authorities to harass political opponents. From The Globe and Mail:

Tides Canada is having its charitable status audited by the Canada Revenue Agency in the midst of an attack by Conservative politicians who have branded it a foreign-funded radical group.

With that in mind, after reading the article linked below, I was reminded of Dr. Laurence Britt’s list of 14 patterns of behaviour and abuse shared by fascist states.

RCMP spied on B.C. natives protesting pipeline plan, documents show, Martin Lukacs and Tim Groves, Toronto Star, May 10, 2012:

The RCMP has been spying on a group of British Columbia First Nations whose vocal opposition to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline has taken them to the company’s annual shareholders meeting in Toronto, according to documents obtained through an access-to-information request. The documents show that a provincial RCMP unit has been closely tracking the potential for “acts of protest and civil disobedience” by the Yinka Dene Alliance, a coalition of northern B.C. First Nations who have been at the centre of resistance to Enbridge’s $5.5 billion pipeline proposal…

You can decide which of Britt’s 14 points apply to the Harper Government’s actions this week. At the very least:

  • Disdain for the importance of human rights.
  • Identification of enemies/scapegoats as a unifying cause.
  •  …regimes exercised subtle power to ensure media orthodoxy.
  •  Power of corporations protected.
  •  [police] had almost unchecked power, leading to rampant abuse. “Normal” and political crime were often merged into trumped-up criminal charges and sometimes used against political opponents of the regime.
  •  Rampant cronyism and corruption. Those in business circles and close to the power elite often used their position to enrich themselves.
  •  Fraudulent elections.

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  1. It sure seems that both the Conservative government of Canada and the BC Liberal government, both fit the list of Dr. Lawrence Britt.

    There is absolutely no confusion as to what Harper and Clark/Campbell had/have in mind.

    Corruption is here to stay in Canada – unless the people decide to take back what is rightfully theirs !

    I expect the Canadian government would think nothing of sending it's Canadian troops to control protesting citizens over the destruction of democracy. The sort of thing one has seen written about Russia, Germany (in the 1930's) Spain etc.

    Wake up Canada !



  2. Herr Harper has learned his history well, the populace are sheep. The Germans sleepwalked into disaster by electing Adolph Hitler and his odious band of thugs and Canadians are sleepwalking into democratic disaster by allowing Herr Harper to rule this country by diktat.

    Democracy doesn't exist in Canada anymore as the public are slowly being perverted by more and more rules, laws and fear.

    Fear is the worst, because fear drives people into submission. We fear the police, we fear taxes, we fear politicians, we fear almost everyone else and fear destroys democracy.

    What is called conservative politics in Canada is nothing more than an evil cult and cults control their member largely by fear.

    Fear and loathing and the hatred for the common folk is what Herr Harper's Conservatives and Premier Photo-op is all about.


  3. I'm confident that the CRA will be examining the books of the Fraser Stinkstatute and Ethical Oil before the end of the week…….oops, sorry, I was dreaming in technicolor…..I'm awake now.

    By the way, I have been sternly schooled and accused of stupidity by none less than Bill T. and his merry band of concern trolls for even uttering the word fascism unless I personally meant Adolf or Benito. I excused their blindness and referred them all to fine post (Verbal gymnastics? maybe not) and the study you quoted……..I wonder if they can learn by reading and using critical thinking….I know it isn't big on the curriculum scene these days, or most of our rulers would be not only unemployed, but also incarcerated in many cases.


  4. I agree Koot.

    The politicians are permitted, to call Canadian citizens very terrible names. Canadians are to keep their mouths shut, and not say it the way it is.

    All dictators are fascists. You dare not to oppose them, or criticize them. If you do, fascists grow even more evil. They don't call Harper, spiteful Stevie for nothing. Fascist grab control of everything they can get their dirty hands on. They treat their citizens like dirt under their feet. Fascists steal from their people, for their own selfish goals. Fascists lie, deceive, thieve, are corrupt, dirty tactics, dirty politics, and think nothing of cheating to win. That's the way I see Harper and his Conservatives and the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. But I forgot, this is Canada, where politicians are rewarded for their dirty deeds. This is the way it is with fascists.


  5. Here's something I fired off to Peter Kent and my CRAP/CON MP as well as the local newspaper that actually printed it.

    Feel free to pass it on.

    On a recent interview on the CBC radio show, The House, Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent was being interviewed on the question of Canadian environmental organisations opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline and their risk of losing their charitable tax status for being involved politically in the review process.
    Peter Kent said, and I quote “some Canadian charitable agencies have been used to LAUNDER offshore funds for inappropriate uses against Canadian interests”. He said that environmental groups aren’t to engage in advocacy or partisan activities or there charitable status can be reviewed.
    He also went on to say, and I quote “there are a number of individuals, misguided philanthropists in the United States, that have moved money into Canada through different organisations……….as you know there is a Committee of Parliament that is looking at this, the Finance Committee is considering…….whether or not some Canadian organisations with charitable status have been receiving funds for inappropriate purposes under their charitable status”.

    Because of your Governments intent on persecuting environmental organisations for expressing their views on environmental issues I would like to bring to your attention that of The Fraser Institute.
    The Fraser Institute, described by rabble.ca as “Canada’s most intensely political organization”, is a registered non-profit focused on economic and public policy research. The group’s work is often seen as controversial (which they boast about on the website), and is generally in support of conservative, small-government, free-market values.
    While the federal government and pro-oil lobbyists have taken aim at environmental charities for allegedly violating the Canadian Revenue Agency’s legal limits for “political activity”, the Fraser Institute and its charitable status remain unquestioned. And as the US based Koch Foundation’s tax data shows, they’ve received a significant amount of “foreign funding” to help influence Canadian policy—which is precisely what environmental groups have been accused of doing.

    I would like to know if you consider the billionaire Koch Brothers from the United States who have given the CHARITABLE right wing Fraser Institute $500,000.00 in the last four years to be “misguided philanthropists” or if you consider them to be” LAUNDERING their offshore money through the Fraser Institute? Grants to the Fraser Institute are also among the highest amounts listed in the Koch Foundation’s tax records.
    I await your earliest reply,
    Vocal minority, foreign radical, radical extremist, and eco-terrorist. As per Joe Oliver, Minister of Natural Resources



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