BC Liberals

Demonstrating empty headed desperation

Yesterday, I noticed a small gem in Rod Smelser’s informative twitter stream:

“BC Govt Communications & Public Engagement has budget of $26M for spin, Environmental Assessment Office, $9M. Sierra Club: B.C. Budget Risks Water, Environment

Of course, Liberals spend much more on self promotion by tapping the budgets of individual ministries. Recent by-elections demonstrated that Christy Clark’s large staff is politically hyperactive. Add $10 million a year in party spending courtesy of people like these: 8 BC Liberal donors = $1.3 million in 2011.

Pouring cash into partisan messaging and calling in favours from corporate media’s corruptible segment has not worked for Christy Clark. Now, a strategy cooked up by Premier Photo Op’s latest braintrust is put into play. It sends out wild-eyed troops to yell from centre stage. Instead of governing, they’re behaving like undisciplined 3-year olds, throwing tantrums and speaking self centred nonsense.

Invective from people like Krueger, Bloy and Bennett has become the government’s idea of political debate. That might please Liberal beneficiaries and supporters like Phil Hochstein of ICBA. However, those are people immovably committed to Liberal Party principles. The chance of Kevin Krueger and his ilk returning former followers to the party is nil. The Clark strategy shows nothing more than empty headed desperation.

Christy Clark and her band of followers can’t figure out why their polling numbers have fallen dramatically despite aggressive promotion. However, Gary Mason of The Globe and Mail explains it with one paragraph in Clark Liberals still tightlipped on $6-million payout:

“Mr. van Dongen asked a completely valid and straightforward question about an issue that continues to rankle British Columbians. To fob it off so dismissively, and to great cheers and encouragement by her Liberal colleagues, I might add, is quite shameful. It certainly demonstrates why this government is in so much trouble with the public.”

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  1. It is very simple…it is a form of “obstruction of justice”. Denial at every turn, deflection and childish behavior, in order to get intelligent people, to “marginalize”, or “discredit” the issue.

    Sadly, its far to late for that. This “issue” is going to destroy the party, a lot of reputations, and send some folks to jail, for awhile. They really do deserve, whatever happens.


  2. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals were right there, when Campbell lied, thieved and sold the BCR. Nothing will take away the memory of that treachery.

    Nothing can take away the treachery of Campbell's other election lie, the HST wasn't on his, Hansen and Harper's radar. The BC ministers sat there and permitted Campbell, to lie, thieve and use his dirty tactics, in the BC HST fight.

    The citizens of BC, forget nothing.


  3. What I have trouble understanding is how people can still support this type of arrogant governing.
    What do the Liberals need to do before their common person on the street support see that the Liberal party has lost its way and moral compass?


  4. Anon 9:22 AM, if you want to think like an average person who still supports them, you have to put your informed self aside, and imagine that you're consuming nothing but mainstream media (if anything), perhaps listening to Good in the morning, and watching Baldrey on Global/BCTV as you have for years.

    Recent columns in your dailies by Smyth and Palmer might indicate that things aren't going that well for them. You might not even like Christy, but like a good sheep you remember the dark days of the nineties; empty corporate offices, tumbleweeds on Howe Street, unemployed starving in the streets, and fast ferries…always fast ferries.

    Taking my tongue out of my cheek for a second, my elderly parents are somewhat like this. They passively consume mainstream sources, and don't question those long-established authorities without hard evidence contradicting them. When I've spoken to them about it, they're VERY uncomfortable with the prospect that they're being told something other than the truth. It messes with their whole world-view.

    Keeping people in their old-line comfort zone–Liberals responsible stewards versus NDP pie-in-the-sky pro-union big spenders–has been the mission of the PAB and their MSM shills. It's worked well for years, even if the cracks are widening now.


  5. Deeby, the difference today is that people like you and me have new forums of expression. Bill Good, Keith Baldrey and Vaughn Palmer can spin stories that help their friends but we are here to cry foul. This morning, the NW bunch were downplaying the significance of Bob Mackin's article revealing the LDB theft being planned. The only thing Palmer asks for is the business plan, a request he has repeated for every mishandled affair dating back to fast ferries. The documents are not magical gospels – I know, I've written many – they simply tell the story wanted by the people paying for them. Palmer and friends see no connected events involving influence peddlers. They were similarly blind about BC Rail, BC Hydro, BC Ferries, etc.

    You are correct that some people will never have their opinions swayed by fact. Indeed, their world-views will remain intact.


  6. Why would the Justice Ministry (on a weekend, no less) e-mail Vaughn Palmer the answer Mr. van Dongen was refused by the Justice Minister in the Legislature just days before? Very strange.

    Incidentally, it wasn’t a new explanation “for the first time” as the Vancouver Sun claimed on Monday. The Attorney General’s ministry provided it in writing to me over a year ago. Apparently the Sun and Mr. Palmer just never bothered to ask. Stranger still.


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