Krueger not near the worst

MLA Kevin Krueger’s unprompted outburst in the legislative hallway Wednesday lasted 10 minutes before Liberal Party staffers dragged him away from delighted reporters.

Acting tired and emotional, Krueger may have been using the wrong glasses Wednesday morning. Certainly the ones he did use gave an extraordinarily wide angled image of the westcoast political scene. He sees John Van Dongen, Adrian Dix and John Cummins conspiring with “the people” to prevent Christy Clark from getting “a fair shake.”

Although behaviour of the one buffoon was outrageous, for him it’s not out of character. Nor is it close to the worst parliamentary deportment noted in recent times. The British commission that runs House of Commons facilities reported a few days ago that MPs were drinking too much and action is planned to cut down on parliamentary consumption.

A rather infamous incident precipitated the review.

Labour MP spared prison after admitting drunken brawl, Mail Online, March 2012

“A Labour MP who head-butted fellow politicians in a House of Commons bar brawl was spared jail yesterday.

“Eric Joyce, 51, threw punches and ‘nutted’ two Conservatives after a late-night drinking session, snarling: ‘There are too many ******* Tories in here.’

“Witnesses said the glazed eyes of the former Army major, who had to be restrained by eight police officers, made it ‘look like nobody was home’.

“As the officers dragged him to the cells, Joyce yelled: ‘You can’t touch me, I am an MP.’

“…He continued his assault as officers tried to restrain him, swearing at them before head-butting Tory MP Stuart Andrew, giving him a bloody nose and concussion…”


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  1. Good one Norm. Wrong glasses indeed.

    They say loose lips sink ships, and I suppose a little lubricant would loosen things up, but that ship is already sitting at the bottom.


  2. Another nutbar…Time the BC Lib's closed up shop for good. Even this rant, shows how “disconnected” from the people of this province, the Lib's truly are. Give Gordo and Christy a fair shake? You kidding! We the taxpayers, are the ones “enduring” the “shake down”


  3. The Kamloops village idiot crawls from underneath his foot bridge to spew his hysteric vitriol through the halls of the Legislature to the amusement of a bewildered press.

    Tell us again Kevin about Gordo's drunk driving debacle or the last 10 years of the plundering of BC's public assets starting with BC Rail and now the BC Liquor Distribution that is being corrupted up by the same group that did us over in the rail deal.

    It won't be long now that Kevin and whats left of the sleazy Liebrels will be cut loose by the electorate to wander aimlessly into oblivion.

    The voters in Kamloops South should be really proud.



  4. “This is ground control to major Tom”
    Planet earth??? Planet earth???
    How out of touch is that? Wheres the meds?


  5. Before I'm finished figuring out if Kevin Krueger is an oafish boor or a boorish oaf, his ever-present handlers bundle him away. Frustrating it is.


  6. Apparently, he made an encore appearance on this morning's BC Liberal radio.

    He is walking, talking proof of the need for election reform in British Columbia. Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark only want to lead a band of clapping seals,not a collection of intelligent, principled administrators and reformers.


  7. things I am wondering about tonight:

    1. whether Mr. Krueger's very negative remarks, closely following Mr. Bloy's very negative remarks, are a deliberate BC Liberal tactic to discourage (alienate) progressive voters (especially younger votes and female voters) from participating in the next provincial election.

    2. Will Mr. Coleman be the next senator from BC? elected by the good people of Langley?

    3. The BC Liberals are looking for a name change—what about “BC Inc.”?

    4. Where the @#*$@! is the legislation to phase out the HST?

    5. Finally, what will it take to make British Columbia work for everybody again? This next provincial election will be our last chance to rebuild a sustainable society that works for everyone.

    And even winning the next election, with a progressive coalition (NDP plus Bob Simpson, Vicky Huntingon and a Green MLA or two) it's going to take a lot of trust, dialogue, hard work, thinking outside the box and difficult decisions to reclaim British Columbia for British Columbians, to rebuild a sustainable society.

    No Obama, no third-way Tony Blair, no same old, no same old. BC needs a Tommy Douglas/FDR/Elizabeth May approach. By working together, not just MLAs, bringing in citizens and expert groups, freeing up the pubic service to serve citizens, we can get BC set up for the next 100 years sustainably.



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