Une artiste qui dérange

Harper government targeted artist for her green conscience, internal documents reveal, Vancouver Observer, June 12, 2012

“Franke James, a Canadian artist and environmental advocate blacklisted by the Harper government, has obtained internal documents indicating Canadian officials worked behind the scenes to discredit her work.

“An internal Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) media monitoring report from July 2011 lists James as “an inconvenient artist” (“une artiste qui dérange”), the headline of an article in La Presse. The document was part of the 1,500 pages of internal documents James obtained through Access to Information requests since August 2011…”

Ms. James offers more inconvenience to Harper’s CPC:

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  1. Thanks for posting this link Norm – another expose of government incompetence, arrogance and more proof of big money dictating government policy.

    I sure hope that Harper, Oliver, Toews etc. can sleep at night because they are endangering everything they touch or deal with.

    Common sense and brains are missing in the current Canadian Conservative government make up – just stupidity and an Orwellian attitude that shows how dictatorial they have become.

    The world needs to be aware of what is happening here, in the “great white north” !



  2. I guess there's no need to reiterate that these guys are becoming more frightening everyday. Many Canadians are waking up, but there's a huge populace out there that are not. They are still buying into the controlled MSM message and the government 'spin' that never stops. All anyone can do is just keep getting the truth out there in any way we can. Have shared this link on FB Norman. Thanks.


  3. What they are most afraid of is bloggers like Norm who will print and speak out against this travisty. Keep going, and readers, spread the word about the good work that is being done here. Lets shine the light on the Harperites. They are cowards once the light is shone on them.


  4. Our biggest problem is, Harper hates everything that is Canadian, including the citizens.

    Harper especially despises the people of BC, and he hates the F.N. people of BC. The program to train the F.N. to work the mines, Harper hasn't refunded. The F.N. were so very happy. They now could buy nice homes for their family's. However, it seems spiteful Stevie struck BC yet again.

    We have opposed the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers. We forced his partner in crime, Campbell to resign. We opposed the HST. We oppose the dirty fish farms, killing off our wild Salmon. He moved the oil clean-up out of BC. He closed down a vital Coast Guard Station. Harper has struck BC many times, since his so called majority. He will strike BC again, with the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and Boessenkool's total support. Our mill industry and BC mines, are owned by Communist China. Campbell sold us out, quite some time ago. He also thieved and sold our assets, while his Ministers never lifted a finger, to stop that monster.

    Christy can ride the fence all she wants, on her support of the Enbridge pipeline. She has Boessenkool in with her BC Liberals, who also works for Harper, and lobbies for Enbridge. BC citizens are not in the least fooled by Christy and Boessenkool. They will sell BC out for the Enbridge pipeline, in a New York minute.


  5. Doug Pyper states;

    “Many Canadians are waking up, but there's a huge populace out there that are not. They are still buying into the controlled MSM message and the government 'spin' that never stops. All anyone can do is just keep getting the truth out in any way we can.”

    Not to discourage you or anyone else from this strategy Doug, but over time I have become convinced in my short life that even when the world wide destruction of the planet becomes a vertical free fall there will still be large groups of people remaining who do not believe or will not be convinced that the end is near and very real.

    Our own history over time bears this out. That is the collective denial the human race clings to repeatedly.

    Every life system on this planet is in decline. Every life support system on this planet is in decline. Those two things make up our biosphere. Without a healthy planet in which to sustain life every other issue is moot.


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