Crude lies

Pipeline spill risks are low, Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines

“… with modern pipeline design and mitigation measures, the risks are very low…

“What we can say is that at Enbridge, we take our responsibility very seriously. An ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of cure, but we certainly don’t stop at an ounce. We adhere to the best safety practices available, and we pay close attention to pipeline integrity.

“And just so we’re clear, no spill is acceptable at Enbridge. When things go wrong, as they did in Michigan in July 2010, we act immediately and decisively, we don’t stop until we make things right…”

Enbridge stops cleanup work, The Michigan Messenger, Nov 15, 2011

“Enbridge, the company that spilled at least 800,000 gallons of tar sands crude into the Kalamazoo River system last year, has announced that it is suspending efforts to scrape the remaining submerged oil from the river bottom…”

Crude Secrets, OneEarth.org, April 11, 2012

“On the night of July 25, 2010, a section of the continent’s vast pipeline network spilled more than a million gallons of chemical-laden crude into western Michigan waterways. Though it was one of the largest inland oil spills in the nation’s history, the disaster went largely unnoticed. Most eyes were on the gusher in the Gulf as BP tried to cap the Deepwater Horizon well. But in the debate over our nation’s energy future, the Kalamazoo River spill — and its aftermath — may prove even more important than the BP blowout.

“That’s because the ruptured Michigan pipeline was carrying tar sands-derived oil from Alberta, Canada. At a time when the pipeline’s operator, energy giant Enbridge, Inc., and its competitors are seeking to greatly expand their pipeline network and the quantity of tar sands oil it carries…”

More reading:
Dare we trust Enbridge with BC coast?, Northern Insights, April 23, 2012

Pipeline spills are not the exception in Alberta, they are an oily reality, Stephen Hume, Vancouver Sun, June 13, 2012

“Since 2006, province’s pipelines have spilled the equivalent of almost 28 million litres of oil…

“But I know from my reporting career, which was ushered in by a series of massive pipeline spills in Alberta more than 40 years ago, that these events occur with depressing regularity.

“The pipeline industry has had almost half a century to work on the problem, yet oil spills, explosions, fires and toxic pollution as a consequence of ruptures are anything but exceptional. They still happen on an almost daily basis.

“So when enthusiasts for the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project rush to hype the safety of pipeline technology and denounce doubters as part of some sinister conspiracy while scoffing at questions about risk as public hysteria, take it all with several pounds of salt…”

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  1. Enbridge has done nothing other than, out and out blatantly lie. They lied about the F.N. people agreeing to the pipeline. They lied about the jobs Enbridge would bring. China is to bring thousands over, to build the pipeline. Enbridge is very well known, to not clean up their spills. The Kalamazoo River spill, was a very serious disaster. The eco damage of that spill, should have been enough to kick Enbridge off the planet.

    The chemicals put in the, tar sands Bitumen, are corrosive and lethal in their nature. So corrosive, the chemicals eat the pipes into a fragile state, and then they burst.

    The pipe burst in Alberta, can never be cleaned up. The destruction of farms, grain crops, food crops, livestock that has to be moved, the poisoning of drinking water. That disaster in the Red Deer River, can never be cleaned up, because it's impossible to do so. That Alberta oil is no where as lethal, as the Bitumen they want to bring into BC.

    At what point, will common sense trump Harper and Alberta's outrageous greed?


  2. As usual Norm you are always behind the 8-ball, let me get you up to speed again with these very important and informative links Mr. Tory:



    Norm wake the heck up if you wanna be a journalist – “[Alberta's] …Energy Resources Conservation Board, industry specialists and regulators not only know that this system has never been free from oil spills, but that a spill-free system is an impossible goal…”

    And that's history, Norm!


  3. Those are pretty crass comments Mogs!

    Especially when they are directed at an unpaid blogger, who generously volunteers his time and routinely presents informative issues regarding both the degradation of democracy and the deterioration of our environment.


  4. Mogs! Norm has provided several posts in recent past about the disrespectful, decietful and dishonest handling by Enbridge on the Kalamazoo spill.I really don't agree with you that he has any wakeing up to do.
    I don't see what you see in this recent post to make you feel your rant is warranted.
    Perhaps your bitter feelings would find a more appropriate place if they were directed at Enbridge and not Mr. Farrel.
    Be thankful people such as Norm give of their time to try and bring forth truths that otherwise would be unobtainable. Certainly the MSM lack any moral compass to.
    Norm of all people does not require you to bring him up to speed on any matter!


  5. I want to thank you for your great work, Norm……I don't follow many blogs anymore on aq daily basis but yours is one of the few. Thank you.


  6. Shame on you Mogs.

    We are fortunate, we have very good blogger's in BC. Norm Farrell, is one of the most trusted blogger's of all. His thousands of hours of research, dedicated to the BC people, is priceless to us. You do have your gall Mogs.

    I had better quit. My anger is getting the better of me.

    You are appreciated, more than you will ever know Norm.


  7. You are kind and tactful, Norm. I can only imagine the beating Mogs would take if he pulled that stunt on AGT's blog, LOL!



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