Smyth tells part of the story

I wonder if Province political columnist Michael Smyth spends only some of his time in this province and the rest on an isolated beach of Molokai. Occasionally, he seems plain ignorant of what’s going on in British Columbia.

Today he applies his frequent smartass style to provincial court judges. I don’t mind the style or him taking a run at judges but I object to Smyth’s inexcusable inaccuracies.

Judges’ demand for more pay seems a tad dishonourable:

.… Are B.C. judges such an elite breed of public servant that they deserve a handsome raise, additional gilding of their already gold-plated pensions and expanded fringe benefits?

Or should these bellyachers of the bench just suck it up, stop their judicial whining and choke down a big fat zero like everybody else?

Michael. Everybody else?

Regular readers here will know that net zero applies only to ordinary folks, not to senior Liberal bureaucrats and their favourites. A few details about not-net-zero here.

Two weeks ago, Gordon Hoekstra of the Vancouver Sun added emphasis to what I began writing months ago.

Big salaries climb for B.C. public servants in health authorities:

The number of public servants making a six-figure salary has jumped significantly at health authorities, according to The Vancouver Sun’s fourth annual public-servant salary database.

B.C.’s five regional health authorities, and the Provincial Health Services Authority which oversees Children’s and Women’s Health Centre and the BC Cancer Agency, saw a 13 per cent increase in 2010 in those being paid $100,000 or more over 2009.

In fact, in the four years The Sun has been tabulating the database, the number of public servants at health authorities making six-figure salaries has almost doubled, from 1,655 in 2007 to 3,221 in 2010.

The Northern Health Authority led the way with a 34 per cent increase in six-figure salaries in 2010 (217) from 2009 (162).

The Vancouver Island Health Authority saw a 24 per cent increase year-over-year to 382 from 307, while the Fraser Health Authority saw a 22 per cent increase to 855 from 703…

At the BC Investment Management Corporation in 2011, three executives averaged monthly increases of $3,800 over their 2010 remuneration. Hardly net zero, eh?

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  1. Interesting – earlier today I was telling someone about how Smyth told only part of the story in which Wally Oppal was tricked (?) into allowing himself to be photographed with a biker – not to criticize Mike for that because no one else had half of that story but the whole story of how political figures are systematically compromised is a big untold scandal that's also key to the pig farm story – it used to be “follow the money” but now it is “follow the video”


  2. Politics are no longer about, what is good for the country, provinces, nor the people. Politics are just, one huge theft ring. Corruption starts at the top, and filters down to every service, into every nook and cranny of governing bodies. They get incentive bonuses to cheat the people out of their services, which the tax payer pays trough the nose for.

    In Canada politicians are all about, lies, greed, thefts, deceit, corruption, broken promises, dirty tactics, dirty politics, and some even cheat to win. The honest politicians, don't stand a chance. If they don't fit in with the corrupt theft ring, they are soon got rid off.

    In Canada, the theft of our tax dollars is obscene and disgusting.


  3. thanks Norm, you provide better and more informative coverage than Mike Smyth's June 17 column. Interesting too that there are no comments enabled on Mike Smyth's June 17 column, nor is this column listed with his other columns and his June 17 column has done a 180 with respect to Wally Oppal, compared to his June 13 column. I sure wonder what goes on behind the scenes in this province.


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