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Harper channels Nixon

Harper’s Audit-the-Enemy Strategy Fulfills Nixon’s Dream, Mark Grandia, DESMOG CANADA

“…Not only do we now know that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office maintains a political enemy list, we also saw an extra $8 million dollars in new funding directed to Revenue Canada last year ‘to audit charities suspected of receiving foreign funding to finance political advocacy beyond the accepted 10% of overall activities allowed under CRA codes.’

“The audit funds became available after the Harper government named environmental groups and First Nations as ‘adversaries’ in a campaign to increase exports of tar sands bitumen to Europe and after an open letter from Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver characterized prominent environmental groups and citizens as ‘foreign funded radicals’ and ideological extremists.

“Today full-blown audits are being executed against environmental and progressive organizations – the same groups that have been critical of Harper and his government policies. Right-wing, industry friendly groups, like the Fraser Institute, who receive large sums of cash from US sources have not been the subject of audits by Revenue Canada.

“These Revenue Canada audits have had their intended effect and are bringing groups who oppose Conservative government policies to a screeching halt with endless amounts of paperwork and information requests from Revenue Canada staff. Groups subjected to an audit also experience a chilling effect and are reluctant to speak out aggressively against the government for fear of being audited again.

“Almost 40 years after Nixon resigned his presidency, Harper is picking up where the disgraced US president left off.”


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  1. Ah, Herr Harper, just another Quisling out to enrich his friends.

    I think the conservatives are wetting their knickers with Justin Trudeau because good or bad that Justin may be, the electorate has grown weary of Herr Harper and his stormtroopers.


  2. Time for these organizations to keep 'shadow' books. One set for our corrupt government and one for a few eyes only. Go underground!


  3. I think most enlightened folks in Canada, who even both to vote, have long ago discovered that Harper suffers from the same delusional paranoia that Nixson did. Problem is that while inordinate amounts of time and taxpayer funded staff in the PMO operate under this search and destroy mission, Harper still does not realize that its his many 'friends' that do him the most harm. e.g. Duffy, Wallin, Porter, etc. etc. etc. as it is so telling of his ability to judge both character and integrity.


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