Maintaining infinite growth on a finite planet

Versions of this have been circulating on the Internet for years:

Cyclists are a disaster for the country’s economy.

They do not buy cars, take out car loans, buy car insurance or gasoline. They pay little for servicing and repairs, and never pay parking fees and taxes.

Cyclists almost never cause serious accidents. They don’t require multi-lane highways so road builders face poverty and unemployment.

Serious bike riders don’t get obese. They get healthy.

Healthy people are not useful for the economy. They don’t buy medicine. They do not go to hospitals or doctors. Little is added to the nation’s GDP.

On the contrary, every new fast food restaurant creates jobs: cardiologists, dentists, dietary experts and nutritionists, and obviously, people who work at the restaurant itself.

Choose your activities carefully and do your part to maintain infinite growth on a finite planet. Put away your bicycle.

P.S. Walking is even worse. Pedestrians don’t even buy bicycles.

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  1. But Norm and Mr. Andersen–

    And I type the following with all the snark I can muster…

    What about all those new fangled ‘lectric bicycles that will finally push up power consumption for actual, you know, real (rather than those constant warnings of massive increases to come that have never materialized over the last fifteen years or so)?


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