COVID-19 mortality burden may be 2x times higher than reported

It is widely assumed that 80 per cent of Canada’s deaths due to COVID-19 occurred among older adult residents of long-term care homes, a proportion double the 40-per-cent average of peer countries… But an in depth analysis of all deaths that have so far been reported across Canada during the pandemic casts doubt on this estimate. It reveals evidence that at least two thirds of the deaths caused by COVID-19 in communities outside of the long-term care sector may have been missed.

…the pandemic mortality burden may be two times higher than reported.

… In fact, our analysis suggests that through the first year of the pandemic, COVID-19 was associated with many deaths that were not classified as such, most likely in low-income, high-density, racialized neighbourhoods of essential workers and recent immigrants where most COVID-19 cases were concentrated. Among these communities it is likely that many cases were never identified, and the resulting deaths were never counted.

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  1. Authors of the Report

    Tara J. Moriarty (Chair), Faculties of Dentistry and Medicine Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto

    Anna E. Boczula, Faculties of Dentistry and Medicine Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto

    Eemaan Kaur Thind, Independent public health professional

    Janet E. McElhaney, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Health Sciences North Research Institute

    Nora Loreto, Independent journalist


  2. Many deaths could have been avoided in Long Term Care if the grossly negligent Adrian Dix, Bonnie Henry, Horgan and the appropriate leadership used Rapid Testing that were left to rot in the warehouse. They had time too force change to even the most basic problems in LTC.
    Now once again these disgraceful and disgusting politicians and creatures got a whole bunch more people killed because of a complete lack of preparedness and brains during this heat wave. To top it all off that shameful ass Horgan once again through a knife into the back of the lost ones and their loved ones with his despicable words. No apologies can be accepted from these scum. That’s all they do is apologize, and try to walk back their negligent behavior. Oh gee in hindsight we could have done better, is the catch phrase from that ……. !! Oh but there will always be the apologists for these shameful rats.


  3. I suspect there has been much information withheld from the public across the country.

    Even the Federal Government is misleading people by claiming in commercials that our vaccines are safe because they went through all the steps necessary before release. Unfortunately this is not true. It takes anywhere from 18 months to 5 years to produce a vaccine for a new virus. Covid-19 is new yet after only two of the three regulated phases, Canada certified two (never before used in humans) vaccines and then a third was showing signs of clotting before the certification.

    Then, starting at the beginning of this year, with supplies of the different vaccines in short supply, provinces and the Feds began claiming it was safe to mix and match and extend the period before first and second doses based on studies coming from other countries. The problem was that the studies were not complete.

    Maybe we get lucky and dodge a bullet this time, however, this cannot become the way we deliver vaccines as we start to see more unseen viruses. As well more has to be done to ensure the public is getting up to date and accurate information.


  4. Trudeau and the incompetent health leaders sold out Canadians and caused more deaths because of their dealing with CanSino, the China based outfit tied to the dictatorship and military there, instead of using our own Canadian based biotech outfits too get vaccines up and running. They even asked for funding and could have had us further ahead with our own vaccines. But the backstabber Trudeau and idiots Incorporated did not.
    Jesus why don’t people just quit being politically correct and chicken shit, and just talk about the truth and say it about these scum in Ottawa who sell out their own fellow Canadians and then lie through their teeth about how much they are looking out for Canadians. People either don’t know or are willfully blind too not know that Trudeau has stated word for word that he admires the basic dictatorship of China. Basic huhhh. Christ almighty.


  5. And sure we could say Doughead and lousy former PM Stephen Harper and Club screwed up our system for making vaccines, but that blame game excuse goes only so far. Where was this useless bunch we have in now, for what, around SIX YEARS. Just thought I would highlight that for the willfully blind and ones who speak and beat around the bush because they ate too dam scared or something to say it like it is.. Trudeau and Hadju and Tam and the rest of those morons had the chance. And a huge chance it was. But they had to follow and wallow with their dictators friends across the oceans, almost like what traitors do , and screwed us Canadians.


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