Corky Evans departs

Political columnist Charles Campbell said, “It doesn’t matter who gets elected on May 12. The B.C. legislature will be significantly poorer for the absence of Corky Evans.”

According to Wikipedia, “Evans is noted for his folksy and homespun yet politically sophisticated oratory.”

Speaking during legislative debate on March 12, retiring Evans proved both statements correct:

A whole new group of MLAs, I hope, will work here, joined, I hope, by a younger generation. I have just a little bit of advice for that new group of MLAs:

When you get here, love the building and respect the people who work here, regardless of their station or their beliefs. You came here to argue your ideas and for your constituents, not to assume that you are more right or more important than anybody else.

Refuse flat out to make decisions about land you haven’t seen or communities you haven’t visited. Go there, and then decide.

Refuse to say words that are not your own. You are not an actor; an election is not a screen test. You wouldn’t let anybody else put you in a box, so don’t do it to yourself.

Respect the other side. This place doesn’t work when there is only one point of view. We found that out from 2001 to 2005. If the other team didn’t exist, we would have to split in half and send a faction over there just to have somebody to bounce our ideas off.

Find another way to measure the success or failure of the governments that work here in future than gross domestic product. That measurement belongs to an era that needs to be finished now for the sake of the earth.

Listen up. What you cannot fix, leave alone. If you sell it or give it away, you foreclose the options of future generations.

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