Broken Promises

Broken promises cast doubt and fear
Upon those vulnerable souls in later years
Now only a remnant of trust remains
By deposed parties enduring the strain
Love once given without reciprocation
Now hatred looms without provocation
For I meant something to you in the past
But now remain a mere outcast

From Broken Promises by A. Keith Barton


Speech from the Throne
Iona Campagnolo, Lieutenant Governor
Thirty-seventh Parliament of British Columbia
February 12, 2002

My government vowed to stop the expansion of gambling that has increased gambling addiction in our province and put new strains on families.


BC Gaming revenue, 1999/2000
$525 million

BC Gaming revenue, 2008/2009
$2.61 billion

Read more at Paying attention, Paul Willcocks on B.C. politics and life.

Liberals shed principles in online betting binge

A consummate professional, Paul writes with skill and perception that many of us blogging wish we could emulate.


On April 23, 2009 – just weeks before the May 12 provincial election – Gordon Campbell said:

“I can tell you this: the deficit for 2009-2010 will be $495 million maximum.”

In the late stages of the provincial election campaign in May, Premier Gordon Campbell was still insisting the deficit would remain at $495-million, despite the recession. When the NDP’s election platform called for three years of deficits, the Liberals accused them of being “patently dishonest” for previously supporting a bill that allowed the government to run deficits for just two years.


B.C. taxpayers should brace themselves for a “very, very difficult” budget in two weeks, Finance Minister Colin Hansen warned on August 19.

The government is desperately trying to maintain key services, but a $3-billion shortfall is making that a real challenge, Hansen said.

British Columbia’s finance minister says his government will run a deficit for four years – two more than promised.

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