BC Liberals

The Piper extracts payment

Are recent BC Liberal supporters – the ones who claim to be leading guardians of the environment – satisfied with 2009 Budget Redux?

We should ask the David Suzuki Foundation, Tzeporah Berman, ForestEthics, CommonEnergy, Pembina Institute, Lisa Matthaus, Casey Brennan, Guy Dauncey and others if they are happy now with four more years of BC Liberals.

One can only wonder what play for power was underway when erstwhile environmentalists endorsed Gordon Campbell over Carole James as a superior choice to form government. I assume a confederacy of professional greenies unsuccessfully tried to dictate NDP policy. Like scorned lovers, they organized to extract maximum revenge against Carole James. The May election gave that opportunity.

Now, the piper must be paid. September’s post-election budget allocates 19% less to the BC Environment Ministry than February’s pre-election document.

One of the BC Liberal boosters responded. “We have seen our hopes dashed, says Christianne Wilhelmson, managing director for the Georgia Strait Alliance, “there’s absolutely no doubt about it.”

And Ms. Wilhelmson, what were you expecting from the plutocracy? You should remember they will allow you to work for them but not to be one of them.

Sadly, this outcome was predicted. Dan Bouman of the Sunshine Coast Conservation Association wrote an open letter before the election to environmentalists. It included these excerpts:

According to a West Coast Environmental Law survey in 2007, environmental law enforcement has been brought to a virtual standstill in BC.

This was achieved primarily through budget cutbacks to enforcement agencies like the BC Conservation Officer Service. Cutbacks have also been used to curtail the activities of most of the independent agencies of the legislature like the Forest Practices Board, the Ombudsman’s office and the office of the Auditor General.

. . . Unfortunately some misguided environmental elites have responded to this situation by trying to punish Carol James, by supporting Plutonic Power and General Electric, and supporting the re-election of the Minister of the Environment!

These are absurd responses that show BC’s environmental leaders are politically naive at best and likely just plain indifferent to peoples’ experiences under Liberal government.

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