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About a pointless pickle

Allen Garr of the The Vancouver Courier recounts a tale worth reading. It is the story of Tom Prendergast, TransLink CEO, a transit manager with an established record of success, fast tracked out of town by a control-freak politician who tolerates only hirelings who kiss his hand and say, “Yes, Minister.”

While Campbell aimed one foot at Prendergast’s backside, he was preparing to do the same to BC Hydro CEO Bob Elton. That was about perceived reluctance of Elton to gift private power producers with the provincial utility’s revenue streams for the next two generations.

Competent people are unwelcome, particularly those guided by public interest instead of the BC Liberal agenda. Garr writes about the untenable situation facing the transit head:

It didn’t take Prendergast long to figure out what a pointless pickle he was in. As early as the new TransLink’s first annual report last year, he was complaining about being strangled by a lack of “sufficient and stable” revenue sources to achieve TransLink’s goals.

Prendergast was the guy in charge when TransLink officials announced that the damaged Pattullo Bridge would be out of service for six weeks last January for repair of fire damage. Unwilling to accept prolonged traffic chaos, Prendergast diverted construction materials from another project and the bridge reopened after one week. Impatient managers are sometimes a pain to their associates and a boon to the stake holders.

Read Allen Garr here.

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  1. One bit of good news. UBC recently acknowledged that they don't have enough population on campus to justify a new rapid transit line to Point Grey.

    Coquitlam next, and then Langley!


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