Enright talks to Kennedy, again

The Sunday Edition for December 13th, 2009:


Paul Kennedy is both the RCMP’s strongest critic and its staunchest supporter. With his findings on the horrific death of Robert Dziekański and its sad aftermath, the mild-spoken Mr. Kennedy censures the Mounties for their failures at the Vancouver Airport while at the same time offers ways to improve their procedures.

He concludes that Mr. Dziekański’s death was avoidable and that the four officer failed on almost every level in the way they handled the confrontation. And he again urges independent oversight of RCMP practices so that Mounties don’t end up investigating themselves.

Naturally his conclusions upset RCMP brass and the Government, which is bouncing Mr. Kennedy from his job as Commissioner for Public Complaints Against the RCMP at the end of the month.

Categories: CBC, Conservatives (CPC)

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