Conservatives (CPC)

Tolerating death and violence

Police reserve the right to take over activist groups for 2010

. . . the head of the 2010 Olympic police force has refused to promise that his undercover officers won’t take over and direct the activities of activist groups, or commit illegal acts themselves.

Can’t happen you say? Read about Montebello at Dawg’s Blawg:

More than two years after they posed as protestors at a demonstration against the North American Leaders’ Summit in Montebello, three Quebec police officers were found to have “failed to respect the authority of the law by inciting persons to violence.”

The ruling by the “Comité à la déontologie policière”, released yesterday, also found that the officers were disrespectful or impolite, used obscene, blasphemous or abusive language, and refused to produce identification when asked.

Paul Kennedy
, outgoing commissioner for public complaints against the RCMP, says police law-breaking practices should be examined, noting that he has not had power to conduct a general review of the subject. In 2002, parliament authorized limited illegal acts by police but the legislation was to be reviewed after three years. Kennedy says required annual reports by the RCMP are threadbare and uninformative and the parliamentary review is now five years overdue.

The Harper Government has persistently refused to address the RCMP’s surfeit of organizational and management difficulties. The idiocy of the Conservatives’ ostrich approach is demonstrated by the growing list of dead men: Ian Bush, Christopher Klim, Raymond Silverfox, Clay Willey, John Simon, Robert Dziekanski, Kevin St. Arnaud, Valeri George, Robert Knipstrom, Orion Hutchinson and Eric Czapnik.

Ottawa police Cst. Czapnik, the most recent victim, a father of four, was killed by Kevin Gregson. RCMP member Gregson had been removed from duty in 2004 because of irrational and hostile behavior. Despite Gregson’s refusal to take treatment, a 2005 seizure from him of weapons and ammunition and a conviction for threatening a church official with a knife in 2007, he remains a member of the RCMP, albeit now suspended.

No member – dishonest, sick or evil – can be discharged from the RCMP without years of delay. Yet, CPC head Paul Kennedy, advocating for improvement, is removed by simple edict.

Do we need further evidence to illustrate the inadequacy of legislation governing the RCMP? Do we need further evidence of the Harper Government’s dereliction of responsibility?

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  1. Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan ought to resign over the issue of Kevin Gregson's continued employment with the RCMP, six years after he was removed from duty.

    What has become of ministerial accountability? They take salaries, benefits and perks but no responsibility for the actions of their agencies.


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