David Eby says . . .

Executive Director of the BC Civil Liberties Association writes a blog that should be read by every person who respects justice. Go there to read the rest of this entry from January 21/10:

We are in Vancouver, and in Canada, at a very important time.

We are here in a time:

When our favourite bike routes have been taken over by concrete embankments, six foot chain link fencing, security cameras, infrared spotlights and security guard booths;

When our favourite city has been taken over by an unaccountable organization

– that holds meetings without recording minutes of what was discussed,

– that burns through public dollars as if they were was so much lumber cut from cross country ski routes in the pristine Callaghan Valley,

– that makes no mistake that women are not equal to men even in 2010,

– and that could give a damn about the public good when a sponsor’s rights are in the balance.

We are here in a time when our favourite artists can only find financial support that’s attached to censorship clauses that require keeping critical comments to oneself about the largest public event in the history of the city, if not the country;

When our favourite artwork is painted over with progress, a progress that comes in a remarkably familiar and suffocating shade of blue;

When our favourite people are being visited by the police and described as security threat because they have spoken out about their concerns with spending over six billion dollars on a sporting event while people sleep and die on our streets for lack of services and housing;

When our favourite journalists are detained and interrogated at the border for our government’s fear that they will expose the dark side of Canada’s favourite international winter sporting mega event; and,

When our favourite community faces massive increases in police presence, ticketing, and arrests despite countless promises from every level of government that such a thing would never happen.

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