BC Liberals

Let’s make a deal

Capital Regional District must decide which door to open.

  • Door number 1, pay $1.65 billion
  • Door number 2, pay $2.03 billion
  • Door number 3, pay $2.36 billion

The province ordered the CRD to end its controversial practice of pumping raw sewage into the ocean.  But it  also ordered the CRD to consider using a public private partnership (P3) for the project.

Common sense says, “Take door number one!” Gordon Campbell says, “My friends prefer door number three!”

The rest of the story is at policynote.ca “Victoria’s billion dollar P3 decision.”

Categories: BC Liberals, Privatization

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  1. Heckfire.

    I'm surprised the Campbelleros have not yet forced Victoria to add an IPP rider to the flow produced by the skimmers with a rider that the the CRD has to buy back any and all power produced by the P3 at $5,000 per megawatt hour.

    Or some such thing.


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