Judge for yourself

Read also Multiple Offenders from March 11. An extensive audit of the Victoria Police revealed:

One of the findings – noted as an area of “key concern” – was that 13 officers (5% of the police service) were responsible for 1/3 of the use of force reports.

Are you surprised this involves Chief Jamie Graham’s newest gang? Not to worry though. Police colleagues will investigate thoroughly before they announce that the use of force was appropriate and the constable in the yellow jacket feared for his life.

I wonder if use of force guidelines sets limits on the number of times it is safe to kick or knee a prone victim near the spine? This officer, Sgt. Chris Bowser, needs additional training since he appears able to kick and stomp effectively only with his right foot. He needs to practice with the left as well. Heavier boots would help too although we can presume Bowser wore steel toed shoes to avoid injury to his right foot. Not surprisingly, Bowser has been down this road before. Is he one of the 13 officers?

Probably the final police report will have one of the usual statements, like standard response #67 for explaining injuries:

“He fell several times while being taken into custody but was uninjured when released without charges.”

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  1. In a single word: DISGUSTING.

    Someone may want to tell the officer (shudder, that's giving him too much respect)…that if he were to do that to the wrong person…he could paralyze them for life.

    No wonder law abiding people are beginning to (have already in many cases) lose all respect and trust they ever had for the law, and it's frontline. But, having said that…the police are only doing what they know damn well they'll get away with. The problem with law in BC begins with the quality of judges sitting on the bench.


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