Harper Government

When the lead story is nothing at all

Would you be surprised if the federal government announced they were going to begin checking airliners for missing jet engines, pilots for defective vision or horses on the payroll for signs of life?

Were you surprised by today’s news story that the Industry Minister “made an important announcement regarding . . . gas inspection . . .”

According to Tony Clement, Government has taken measures to protect consumers from inaccurate measurement when purchasing gasoline or other measured goods.

What were they doing before?  This is from a brochure dated 2006:

Measurement Canada tests prototype measuring instruments (scales, electricity and natural gas meters, gasoline pumps) for compliance . . .

Measurement Canada inspectors and Authorized Service Providers inspect and certify thousands of weighing and measuring devices, and verify millions of electricity and gas meters . . .

Another current example comes from Finance Minister Flaherty, who says he will hold his breath and count to a hundred if bankers don’t comply with a voluntary code of conduct for credit/debit cards. CBC brings you the story.

Actually, none of this surprises. These are merely tricks of politics, ones understood by every spin master and phony “news” person who plays the game, keeping always a straight face while reading meaningless bumf. This is the rule followed by the Harper Government:

If you are not doing something useful, at least pretend you are doing something.

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