Cry for British Columbia

First published October 18 2009, this issue rises back to the top because the proposed Victoria marina has cleared another roadblock.

Abraham Lincoln said:

Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Gordon Campbell said:

Democracy is the government of a few people, by a few people, for a few people.

You think not? Then read Andrew MacLeod at The Tyee:

Liberals Smoothed Waters for Mega-Yacht Marina

Marina promoter married to Lunn advertiser

Former Victoria mayor calls marina lobbying ‘disgusting’ and ‘outrageous’

Campbell Wants to Repeal Waterways Access Law

In a September release through the U Vic Environmental law Association, the South Island Sea Kayaking Association said this:

Today we presented documented evidence that the Marina could imperil seaplanes and put wildlife at risk. It could jeopardize paddlers’ safety, interfere with their ancient right to use public waters, and undermine one of North America’s best urban paddling areas. In addition, it could destroy some of Canada’s most iconic urban viewscapes. Yet this project is undergoing the least rigorous level of assessment under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act,” continued [Lawyer Irene] Faulkner.

…Organizations that support the legal submission include a wide range of stake-holders including: Victoria Harbour Ferry Company, Ocean River Sports, Sierra Club of BC, Victoria Canoe & Kayak Club, Sea-to-Sea Greenbelt Society, Pacifica Paddle Sports, Dogwood Initiative, Aloha Paddlers, Island Transformations.Org, West Bay Residents’ Association, Victoria West Community Association, Save Victoria Harbour Coalition, Veins of Life Watershed Society, Group of Former Mayors of Victoria, Victoria Harbour Defence Alliance, Wilderness Committee, and Saanich Inlet Protection Society.

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  1. Good morning Norman,

    As usual you and Mark Hume are right on top of things. Keep up the good work!

    We need an army of watch dogs to keep track of this government. They're relentless in their service to themselves and their elite entourage of corporate business associates i.e. their friends.

    Doug Pyper


  2. Hume's article contains a number of inaccuracies.

    The marina is not ‘across the harbour from the Empress’. The Empress is at the eastern end of the Inner Harbour, the marina is on the north shore of Middle Harbour, west of Laurel and Songhees Points. The marina is best described as across from Fisherman’s Wharf Marina.

    Boats will not be up to 50m long. The longest is one 41m boat. The average is 25m, with smallest slips 19.8m. More than half the marina (59.6%) is for boats less than 80 feet. Van Isle Marina in Sidney (520 slips) has 50 slips for boats 70’+, but no-one would call Van Isle a mega-yacht marina. Their slips for boats 70’+ are full. Clearly there is a demand.

    The marina will not force kayakers through the marina. A dedicated paddling route was shown at the public meeting on Sept 22nd. It’s an 8m wide, piling-free lane which allows paddlers, dragon boats and OC6 canoes to traverse the north shore without entering the marina or going near the float plane taxiway.

    The marina will not ‘blot out the views’. At the marina website , viewscapes down Paul Kane Place and Cooperage Place show the marina, to scale, including full size vessels. Condos at Shoal Point obliterate the views the Olympic Mountains, not the marina. The marina buildings conform to zoning, including height and setbacks, and would be built on private, not Crown land.

    There has been a great deal of misunderstanding surrounding this project, and it should be considered on the facts.


  3. The earlier comment presumably is a release from the Victoria International Marina developers.

    The proposed marina site is on the west side of the Ocean Pointe Hotel across the Inner Harbor from the walkway between the Empress and the Legislature. This water surface is already busy with aircraft, large and small ferries, whale-watching charter boats and various paddlers, etc.

    VIM promise 8 meters for a paddling route, as well as a minimum of 1.5 meters headroom at high tide beneath marina ramps and buildings. That very modest alloance obviously will require major usage changes.

    However, the main issue here is backroom dealing and influencing going on in private for the benefit of a few very well-heeled people many from outside the region. Why have the developers and government been frightened of a fully transparent review process by an unbiased agency willing to consider all public uses?


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