News not fit to print – not part of the Vancouver Sun agenda

Alexandra Morton and friends took their walk for wild salmon to Victoria yesterday, gathering on the steps of the Legislature.

According to CKNW’s morning news, hundreds of protesters gathered. Victoria’s Times Colonist and the Vancouver Province newspaper says almost 1,000 people crowded the capital streets. Brennan Clark of the Globe and Mail counted 4,000 and Global TV’s Saturday late news reported that 5,000 demonstrators met on the steps of the Legislature. Rafe Mair says the crowd was 4,000+ and reports:

Vicky Husband, a veteran environmentalist and activist, who holds an Order of Canada, who said it was the biggest environmental gathering that she had ever seen and very likely the biggest in BC history.

So how many did the Vancouver Sun reporters count? Well, they didn’t have any reporters there. As of 8:00 am Sunday morning, the Sun website was reporting nothing. There was a story about a fine for a barking dog and a story, with pictures, about “dearly departed” Olympic mascots Quatchi, Gloomi and Crappi and regular updates from a 10km fun run. No story on the march to Victoria.

Think about the New York Times front page motto, “All the News That’s Fit to Print.”  Instead, Vancouver Sun editors might say, “Alexandra Morton does not fit our agenda.”

Update: later Sunday, the Sun reprinted the Times Colonist article, again discounting the numbers of people gathered. That is strange because credibility should matter to a newspaper although Editor-in-chief Patricia Graham has admitted that the Sun attends to “agenda matters.” Not hard to identify those agenda items, is it?

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  1. Never, ever read the Vancouver Sun if you want to know what's happening in BC. Their agenda is pretty clear and it ain't reporting the news.


  2. I don't buy either the Sun or the Province – I know my action alone won't do anything. However, if there was a general bycott of the Globe West media there might just be a review by management, as to where they are heading !!!

    Doubt it will happen, but people power is supposed to be coming back – ya never know eh!!!!



  3. I spoke with a couple of people who were on that walk, and they said that there were thousands of people. They felt it was a very successful event and were energized by it. Hopefully the salmon will benefit from this, as they definitely have been the victims of 'profit at all costs' mentality so prevalent in our society today.


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