Moore nonsense

My inbox overflows with news reports and links, some to which I subscribe, others forwarded by readers. Stories beneath the headlines I follow with Google alerts and larger pieces present themselves through about 150 RSS feeds on my igoogle homepage, which has about 15 different subject categories.

More information arrives than I can process but unusual items stand out. Today, for example, an article about nuclear power stated that “even a scattering of ‘Greens’ have gone nuclear [including] Greenpeace activist Patrick Moore.”

I giggled. When did that label apply? Greenpeace activist? Was that 40 years ago?

On another website where he promotes nuclear energy, Moore says, “As a co-founder and former leader of Greenpeace, you may be surprised to hear me say . . .”

No Patrick, we’re not surprised at all. You say it every chance you get. How’s business by the way? Much more lucrative after you changed sides, eh?

Here is a little more about this greenwash activist from Source Watch.

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  1. With respect my friend, I disagree that Patrick is a sell-out. His views have genuinely morphed with the times. He statements on anthropogenic climate change are bang-on considering the overwhelming evidence. Now, that's not to say that we sit and do nothing to better our environment, but it does follow to reason that one of the 20 Century's storied environmentalists has taken a progressive and prudent view of new information.


  2. Does a mans heart race at the appearance of a golden sunset or at the appearance of gold?

    Most real environmentalists choke at Patrick's continued self-description. Another co-founder of Greenpeace explained Moore's departure – he either resigned or was fired, depending on whom you believe – “He's taken a job schlepping for the stumpmakers.”

    Even Tzeporah Berman, a person with first hand knowledge of selling-out, said, “Patrick Moore has gone from being the guard dog of the environment to the lap dog of industry.”

    Greenpeacer Brian Fitzgerald wrote, “He’s been termed an Eco-Judas before, and it looks like he’s found a new source for his 30 pieces of silver.”

    On the other hand, I'm following the science related to small scale nuclear. It looks encouraging but we're five to ten years from knowing its real value. Now, there is more energy going into PR than into scientific research. It reminds me of the early days of Ballard Power and I'm not surprised to see Moore climbing on board the promotion schemes.


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