BC Liberals

The most open and transparent government never seen

BCR Sale Filing System

Read the whole story by Mark Hume at the Globe and Mail: Government staff used private computers for some files, corruption trial told.

Ministerial assistants and other senior staff in the Liberal government of Premier Gordon Campbell were instructed to use privately owned computers for some of their files, effectively shielding the contents from freedom-of-information requests, the Supreme Court of British Columbia was told Thursday.

. . . under cross-examination by defence lawyer Kevin McCullough, Mr. [Martyn] Brown acknowledged the use of private computers would effectively block FOI requests.

Preparing for Court

. . . Mr. Brown said ministerial assistants, or MAs, were all instructed to use home computers, but he denied there was an organized government effort to thwart the FOI act, which applies to more than 2,000 public bodies in B.C.

. . . When the Liberals came to office in 2001, the party promised to deliver the most open and transparent government the province had ever seen. . .

Numerous times Mr. Brown said he couldn’t recall conversations he’d allegedly had with Mr. Virk, or about events he’d allegedly been involved in. . .

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  1. The pic “Preparing for Court” is way too cool!

    It is shameful the way (in)Justice MacKenzie chides the defense for minor signs of disbelief while allowing Martyn Brown to pretend he was in a coma for the last fifteen years or so………..I would most likely get kicked out of the courtroom as I wouldn't be able to not choke and gag watching this performace.

    It's getting like watching a bunch of desperate desperados – oh, I guess that's cuz that's what they seem to be becoming.


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