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Here is a sample from todays Tomgram:

In the Gulf, BP now claims to be retrieving 15,000 barrels of oil a day from the busted pipe 5,000 feet down. That’s three times the total amount of oil it claimed, bare weeks ago, was coming out of that pipe. A government panel of experts now suggests that the real figure could be up to 60,000 barrels or 2.5 million gallons a day, the equivalent of an Exxon Valdez spill every four days — and some independent experts think the figure could actually be closer to 100,000 barrels a day.

This might surprise followers of mainstream media, particularly Global TV News viewers. Compare their report on May 21:

From the Gulf coast, all the way up the U.S. east coast, frustration is growing tonight over the hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil that have poured into the Gulf of Mexico. As more and more of that oil from the sunken rig hits the coastline, soiling at least ten locations now, critics are blasting BP for not providing enough information about what it’s doing to handle the disaster.

There are two possibilities that led to that report. Either Global TV’s newsroom is incompetent, unable to assemble a factual report, or this is another example of shaping the news to fit an objective other than accurately delivering news.

According to Purdue Professor Steve Werely’s estimate, the flow has been closer to 100 million gallons of crude.[As of May 22] The statement that only a handful of locations are soiled by oil will come as a shock to residents of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama and the many Gulf Coast families who earn their livings by fishing and tourism.

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  1. Sad to say, the mainstream media is mainstream in name only. The MSM are large corporations that live by making money and saying bad things about the government means less advertising revenue.

    It was fear of losing advertising revenue that forced CORUS to fire Rafe Mair. Bill Good know this well and to keep on track for an Order of Canada or a Senate seat, he must keep a high profile on NW. The result is a self serving, ask no questions bland radio that is more like a funeral dirge than anything else.

    Christy Clark is a Liberal hack who ensures Liberal advertising monies to the station.

    The two Vancouver dailies are on a death-watch as they stumble and bumble along avoiding real stories, which would embarrass their advertisers.

    Then Global and CTV television, what a disaster, with news so distorted, there is little to watch. They offer a thin gruel of gossip but no insight and what news they do give is so badly researched it is a joke.

    One can draw a straight like with perceived government corruption and the dismal collapse of the fourth estate.

    Canada is like a doomed ship with the captain and crew taking to the lifeboats first and using the rest to carry their plunder from the rest of the hapless passengers.

    Can it get any worse?

    Just a note: 10 years ago one would never use the term liar and criminal associated with any politician, for fear of libel, yet scores of blogs (maybe 100's) use the terms daily in conjunction with the premier and most, if not all, of his cabinet. No legal action has ever taken place. Either they are too scared to take action in fear of digging up more scandal, or they are true.


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